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Harlem is one of the li­ve­lie­st bo­rou­ghs of the ci­ty and the world ca­pi­tal of Afri­can- Ame­ri­can hi­sto­ry and cul­tu­re. Vi­sit the Harlem Stu­dio Mu­seum, a mu­seum that pu­ts black ar­tists from the US and worldwide in the spo­tlight, but al­so the Apol­lo Thea­ter, whi­ch has ho­sted world- class stars su­ch as Bil­lie Ho­li­day and El­la Fi­tz­ge­rald. Harlem is al­so ho­me to nu­me­rous re­stau­ran­ts ser­ving de­li­cious cui­si­ne, whi­ch are ideal for a break de­di­ca­ted to the lo­cal food.

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