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The bo­rou­gh of Queens is be­st en­joyed wi­th a stroll along stree­ts of Flu­shing and Chi­na­to­wn, to­wards Flu­shing Mea­do­ws Co­ro­na Park. Don’t miss a vi­sit to see the Uni­sphe­re, a 140- foot steel glo­be in the midd­le of a re­flec­ting pool. The Queens Mu­seum, in­stead, hou­ses a fa­mous sca­le mo­del. Ta­ke the Me­tro to Asto­ria and vi­sit the Mu­seum of the Mo­ving Ima­ge or to the Kau­f­man Asto­ria Stu­dios whe­re fa­mous TV se­ries we­re fil­med.

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