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In St. Pe­ter­sburg the­re are nu­me­rous brid­ges that tra­ver­se ri­vers and ca­nals, so­me of the­se are dra­w­brid­ges, su­ch as the fa­mous Bir­z­he­voy Brid­ge that con­nec­ts Va­si­lie­v­skiy island. So­me are de­co­ra­ted, others pic­tu­re­sque or ro­man­tic. The be­st way to see them clo­se­ly and espe­cial­ly in ac­tion is wi­th a 2- hour crui­se along the Ne­va ri­ver at night. For exam­ple, the Pa­la­ce Brid­ge and the Tri­ni­ty Brid­ge can be seen as they ri­se to al­low boa­ts to pass.

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