Ber­ga­mo , win­ter is he re!

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When the air be­co­mes cri­sp and eve­ry­thing is tin­ged wi­th whi­te, the moun­tains around Ber­ga­mo rea­ch their ma­xi­mum splen­dour. And if the whi­te­ness of snow joins the glit­ter of lights and Ch­rist­mas mar­ke­ts, the sce­ne­ry is pu­re ma­gic. Th­ree val­leys wi­th twel­ve ski re­sorts, over 300km of slo­pes and 14 cross- coun­try ski tracks ma­ke the Oro­bic Prealps the ideal de­sti­na­tion for win­ter sports lo­vers. Ea­si­ly rea­cha­ble from the Mi­lan - Ber­ga­mo air­port, the ski re­sorts of­fer eve­ry­thing you could want from a ho­li­day. You’ll find mo­dern ski lif­ts, co­sy moun­tain re­fu­ges whe­re you can ta­ste ty­pi­cal di­shes, ho­tels and spas to find the per­fect ba­lan­ce af­ter a day on the slo­pes. And that’s not all... Nu­me­rous even­ts ani­ma­te the moun­tain re­sorts. Sno­w­shoeing in the moon­light, night skiing, sno­w­mo­bi­le tours, din­ners in the moun­tain re­fu­ges ar­ri­ving on board a sno­w­cat, mul­led wi­ne in front of the fi­re­pla­ce, DJ se­ts and hap­py hour on the re­fu­ge ter­ra­ces, on the ed­ge of the slo­pes. Don’t miss Fop­po­lo, in the Brem­ba­na Val­ley. It is ea­sy to get to and is the mo­st re­no­w­ned ski re­sort in the Ber­ga­mo area. Gua­ran­teed snow co­ve­ra­ge, 18 lif­ts and ju­st un­der fif­ty ski slo­pes.

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