Mar­ble Ca­ves

Car­re­ra La­ke

Beyond the Magazine - - PLACES - By PE­TER JACOBS

The iri­de­scent Mar­ble Ca­ves can be found near the bor­der of Ar­gen­ti­na and Chi­le, on Ge­ne­ral Car­re­ra La­ke in Pa­ta­go­nia. It is the fif­th lar­ge­st la­ke in Sou­th Ame­ri­ca. The­se ama­zing na­tu­ral won­ders, are a uni­que geo­lo­gi­cal for­ma­tion, fea­tu­ring a num­ber of ca­verns, tun­nels and pil­lars, in mo­no­li­ths of mar­ble.

It is iden­ti­fied as the lar­ge­st la­ke in the coun­try. So­me tra­vel en­thu­siasts con­si­der the­se ca­ve for­ma­tions, to be among the mo­st beau­ti­ful in the world. The iri­de­scent co­lor va­ria­tion from deep blue to tur­quoi­se, lar­ge­ly de­pends on the wea­ther and ti­me of year.

Sin­ce the amount of light and the wa­ter le­vel of the la­ke are con­stan­tly chan­ging, ea­ch ex­pe­rien­ce in vi­si­ting the Mar­ble Ca­ves by boat, will be slightly dif­fe­rent.

In ear­ly spring for exam­ple, the wa­ter of the la­ke is at its lo­we­st point, due to the fact that the sur­roun­ding gla­ciers, have not yet star­ted to melt.

The ca­ve for­ma­tions have been de­cla­red by Chi­le to be Na­tu­re’s Sanc­tua­ry, whi­ch is one of the pro­tec­ted ca­te­go­ries avai­la­ble, th­rou­gh their Na­tio­nal Mo­nu­men­ts de­si­gna­tion.

Mar­ble Cha­pel is lo­ca­ted in one of the th­ree isle­ts and it stands alo­ne li­ke a sen­ti­nel. For ma­ny vi­si­tors it will be the fir­st stop on their jour­ney. Mar­ble Ca­the­dral and ad­di­tio­nal ca­verns will soon fol­low.

Tou­rists will be ta­ken by boat, th­rou­gh bo­th nar­row and wi­de cor­ri­dors of wa­ter. The­se will be iri­de­scent sha­des of blue and tur­quoi­se. They will be trea­ted to dif­fe­rent the­mes of tex­tu­re and co­lor, in­clu­ding the gray, pink and whi­te re­flec­ted from the ca­vern walls, as long as the­re is day­light.

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