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Hu­gh Jack­man

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The mul­ti-ta­len­ted en­ter­tai­ner an­noun­ced his "The Man. The Mu­sic. The Show." tour on Thur­sday, whi­ch will fea­tu­re Hu­gh Jack­man sin­ging songs from "The Grea­te­st Showman," ''Les Mi­se­ra­bles" and Broad­way mu­si­cals, among other se­lec­tions. He will be ac­com­pa­nied by a li­ve or­che­stra.

The tour starts in Eu­ro­pe, of­fi­cial­ly kic­king off in Hamburg, Ger­ma­ny, on May 13, 2019. He will play two sho­ws at The O2 Are­na in Lon­don.

The Nor­th Ame­ri­can leg be­gins Ju­ne 18 in Hou­ston and he will per­form twi­ce at bo­th New York's Ma­di­son Squa­re Gar­den and Los An­ge­les' Hol­ly­wood Bo­wl.

Strea­ming into the Hy­dro at the start of the To­ny award-win­ning ac­tor’s leng­thy world tour are fans of the X-men, lo­vers of ro­man­tic co­me­dies, ad­mi­rers of mu­si­cal thea­tre, peo­ple who want to mar­ry him – and the re­st who want to be him. “I ho­pe you’re not on­ly Wol­ve­ri­ne fans be­cau­se it could be a long night,” he quips after his su­pe­rhe­ro al­ter ego ap­pears on the big screen behind him.

Su­ch self-aware­ness is part of his charm, as is his wil­ling­ness to en­ga­ge di­rec­tly wi­th the au­dien­ce, ma­king a 13,000-ca­pa­ci­ty ve­nue seem in­ti­ma­te. If he is ac­ting that smi­le at the end of his fir­st num­ber, it is ac­ting of the hi­ghe­st order. He looks to be ge­nui­ne­ly de­lighted. Of cour­se, he can turn on the ce­le­bri­ty piz­zazz, but he re­mem­bers to turn it off again too. “It’s so good to be in a pla­ce whe­re you’re fi­nal­ly cal­led Shug­gie,” he tells the Lon­don cro­wd wi­th a win­ning grin.

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