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Vil­la Ca­mil­la, avai­la­ble for lu­xu­ry ho­li­day ren­tal, is a splen­did 19th cen­tu­ry Vil­la si­tua­ted on the we­stern sho­res of La­ke Co­mo.

It has re­mai­ned ex­clu­si­ve­ly in the hands of the sa­me no­ble family, the Marchesi di Roz­za­no. By the end of the 19th cen­tu­ry the Roz­za­no family was one of the mo­st im­por­tant of the great fa­mi­lies of Mi­lan, fre­quen­tly seen in the sa­lons of the Royal Family of Sa­voy who­se mem­bers we­re al­so re­gu­lar guests of the Mar­quess at Vil­la Ca­mil­la.

Vil­la Ca­mil­la is a sym­bol of Ita­lian sty­le and ex­cel­len­ce and of­fers se­cu­re lu­xu­ry li­ving of the hi­ghe­st stan­dard.

The Vil­la’s in­te­riors are of sin­gu­lar beau­ty: mo­saic floors, tur­ned wood stair­ca­ses, sta­tues and 18th cen­tu­ry fre­scoes as well as fi­ne pain­tings from the la­te 1800’s.

The 8 acres of pri­va­te park sur­roun­ding Vil­la Ca­mil­la, was de­si­gned as an En­gli­sh gar­den in the mid 19th cen­tu­ry and fea­tu­res age old trees of great beau­ty. In this lo­ve­ly green area the­re is al­so a small ve­ge­ta­ble gar­den wi­th a va­rie­ty of fruit trees. Should they so wi­sh, guests at the Vil­la may per­so­nal­ly se­lect the or­ga­nic fruit and ve­ge­ta­bles to be en­joyed in the ma­ny ex­cel­lent di­shes pre­pa­red by the chef at their ser­vi­ce.

About 5 mi­nu­tes’ dri­ve from the vil­la , take to the old-world charm of the ol­de­st Golf Clubs in Eu­ro­pe, cor­ners of “Old En­gland” whi­ch epi­to­mi­ze the great tra­di­tion of a sport that is bo­th no­ble and an­cient.

And if ri­ding is your pas­sion, do not miss the fan­ta­stic ex­pe­di­tions on hor­se­back that will al­low you to di­sco­ver mar­ve­lous views from an en­ti­re­ly dif­fe­rent stand­point.

10 be­drooms, 11 ba­th­rooms out of whi­ch 3 wi­th lar­ge Ja­cuz­zi tub, fit­ness room, hea­ted swim­ming pool, ten­nis court, pri­va­te jet­ty and buoy on the la­ke, pro­tec­ted play­ground for chil­dren, pri­va­te Chef, de­di­ca­ted Gue­st Re­la­tions Ma­na­ger

La­ke Co­mo, a land of almost in­de­scri­ba­ble charm and beau­ty, is the pla­ce for the eli­te to take their ho­li­days in ty­pi­cal­ly Ita­lian sty­le.

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