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ELLE Decor (Italy) - - English Text - by Va­len­ti­na Rag­gi

From the la­wn as an ar­chi­tec­tu­ral pro­ject to pi­neap­ple fi­ber for the fa­bric of a dress, up to lamps ma­de of shells. The pro­ject is 100% or­ga­nic. How to use na­tu­re to sa­ve the pla­net

At the ti­me of wri­ting, it is an­noun­ced that the Ear­th Over­shoot Day 2018 is co­ming up shor­tly: on 1 Au­gu­st. This is the day when hu­ma­ni­ty’s re­sour­ce con­sump­tion for the year ex­ceeds the pla­net’s ca­pa­ci­ty to re­ge­ne­ra­te tho­se re­sour­ces that year. And this day falls ear­lier eve­ry year. So the use of al­ter­na­ti­ve ( ze­ro im­pact) na­tu­ral raw ma­te­rials is one of the mo­st wi­de­spread fields of re­sear­ch, al­so thanks to the con­fluen­ce of ex­per­ti­se from in­du­stry, bio­lo­gy and ad­van­ced tech­no­lo­gy. “In the fu­tu­re, we will use an­cient na­tu­ral ma­te­rials that ha­ve stayed unu­sed un­til now and new ones crea­ted in la­bo­ra­to­ries by stu­dy­ing na­tu­re,” ex­plains Ne­ri Ox­man from MIT in Bo­ston. But beyond ex­pe­ri­men­ta­tion, the­se new “rea­li­ties” are al­rea­dy ma­king their way in­to mass pro­duc­tion and col­lec­ti­ve li­fe. In eve­ry sec­tor: Stel­la McCart­ney is cur­ren­tly inau­gu­ra­ting a sto­re in Lon­don ma­de using eco- friend­ly ma­te­rials; again in the ci­ty, the Vic­to­ria & Al­bert Mu­seum hosts ‘ Fa­shio­ned from Na­tu­re’, an ex­cur­sus on the link bet­ween the en­vi­ron­ment and fa­shion from 1600 to the pre­sent day. At the Ve­ni­ce Ar­chi­tec­tu­re Bien­na­le, the Au­stra­lia Pa­vi­lion is “in­va­ded” by ten thou­sand plan­ts to re­sto­re phy­si­cal con­tact bet­ween ar­chi­tec­tu­re, man and na­tu­re. Whi­le at the la­st Mi­lan De­si­gn Week, Erez Ne­vi Pa­na, from Israel, pre­sen­ted his ve­gan fur­ni­tu­re, in­clu­ding chairs ma­de from salt, wood and ve­ge­ta­ble glues. 2019 will be the year of ‘ Bro­ken Na­tu­re’, whi­ch is pre­sen­ted as fol­lo­ws: “The XXII Trien­na­le will fur­ther de­fi­ne the idea of re­sto­ra­ti­ve de­si­gn and will ga­ther exam­ples new and old, from dif­fe­rent do­mains and wi­th dif­fe­rent ap­pli­ca­tions, in or­der to iden­ti­fy a new field of re­sear­ch and ac­tion.” The hi­ghly- an­ti­ci­pa­ted event will ma­ke Mi­lan the cen­tre of this de­ba­te on the need, in fact, to re­sto­re a re­la­tion­ship of ba­lan­ce and co­ha­bi­ta­tion wi­th na­tu­re.

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