Ba­sel, art dé­pot

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - English Text - words and pho­tos by Lea Anou­chin­sky in col­la­bo­ra­tion wi­th Mi­kae­la Ban­di­ni

Ar­chi­tec­tu­re, art and 40 mu­seums, all con­cen­tra­ted in a ve­ry small area. The third big­ge­st ci­ty in Swi­tzer­land is an ‘ all you can eat’ for the mind. A pu­re ci­ty of art, over ti­me Ba­sel has ma­na­ged to re­con­ci­le hi­sto­ry and mo­der­ni­ty. The ho­me of Ba­sel World and Art Ba­sel— two of the mo­st im­por­tant fairs in the world de­di­ca­ted re­spec­ti­ve­ly to lu­xu­ry wat­ches and mo­dern and con­tem­po­ra­ry art, in­clu­ding de­si­gn— Ba­sel of­fers a weal­th of things to see and do, not ju­st tem­po­ra­ry hap­pe­nings, wi­th 40 mu­seums squee­zed in­to a sur­fa­ce area of on­ly 37 km. Art& Ar­chi­tec­tu­re Star­ting wi­th the im­pres­si­ve Kunst­mu­seum, di­vi­ded in­to the th­ree ma­xi gal­le­ries Haupt­bau, Ge­ge­n­wart and Neu­bau. Then the Beye­ler Foun­da­tion, built to plans by Ren­zo Pia­no, or the Tin­gue­ly Mu­seum, de­di­ca­ted to the Swiss sculp­tor and de­si­gned by Mario Bot­ta. The new ad­di­tions are, ho­we­ver, ou­tsi­de the cen­tre, in the Drei­spi­tz ( Ger­man for trian­gle) di­strict, an ur­ban si­te con­cei­ved as a ‘ cam­pus of the ima­ge’ that in­clu­des, as well as Hel­sin­ki Drei­spi­tz, the FHNW Aca­de­my of Arts, the Bi­blio­thek für Ge­stal­tung and the HEK mu­seum of elec­tro­nic mu­sic. Sport& Well­ness The la­te­st crea­tions by ar­chi­tec­ts and pa­trons of the ci­ty in­clu­de the na­tu­ral swim­ming pools Na­tur­bad Rie­hen on the banks of the Rhei­ne. Shop­ping The mul­ti- brand Ahoi Ahoi be­lon­ging to Jo­si­na Schiff and Ale­xa Früh and Bet­ti­na Gin­sberg’s Grim­sel are wor­th a vi­sit. Re­stau­ran­ts& Ho­tels Din­ner at Volk­shaus Ba­sel is re­com­men­ded. Two pla­ces to sleep: the de­si­gn ho­tel No­mad and, for lo­wer bud­ge­ts, the St. Al­ban You­th Ho­stel. Be­cau­se Ba­sel is mu­ch mo­re ac­ces­si­ble and so­cial­ly in­cli­ned than you would think.

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