By Va­len­ti­na Rag­gi

Spa­ce pro­jec­ts — p. 38

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It is no lon­ger the fu­tu­re, it is to­mor­row. The big na­mes in architecture, ci­ne­ma, scien­ce and fa­shion are get­ting rea­dy for ( your) im­mi­nent co­smic jour­neys We are set­ting off for spa­ce. Ta­ke Phi­lip­pe Starck’s word for it, as he tells us about the in­te­riors of the spa­ce­ship de­si­gned for Axiom Spa­ce, an Ame­ri­can com­pa­ny rea­dy to laun­ch tou­ri­st trips in­to the co­smos in 2022. Nor­man Fo­ster, on the other hand, has had a ‘ Spa­ce Architecture’ sec­tion in his stu­dio for years now, wi­th ideas for buil­dings and ro­bo­ts to li­ve on other pla­ne­ts and pro­jec­ts su­ch as the Spa­ce­port America spa­ce re­sear­ch cen­tre in New Me­xi­co. Not far be­hind is the BIG stu­dio, de­si­gner of the Vir­gin Hy­per­loop One for Spa­ceX by Elon Mu­sk, a cap­su­le to car­ry pas­sen­gers at a su­per­so­nic speed of 1,100 km/ h. Half a cen­tu­ry af­ter the fir­st moon lan­ding, sce­na­rios that seem straight out of a sci- fi film are be­co­ming rea­li­ty. Eve­ryo­ne is going back to loo­king at the stars. Cha­zel­le’s bio­pic on Neil Arm­strong, ‘ Fir­st Man’, was cho­sen to open the Ve­ni­ce Film Fe­sti­val. Louis Vuit­ton cho­se a cat­walk sha­ped li­ke a spa­ce­ship from Star Trek for the FW18 show at the Lou­vre. In de­si­gn, at Mi­lan De­si­gn Week, the ‘ Dria­de Moon Mis­sion’, wi­th ico­nic chairs rein­ter­pre­ted to be ma­de in 3D on the moon, and the ‘ spa­ce & in­te­riors’ ex­hi­bi­tion of furnishings and ma­te­rials for li­fe on Mars cu­ra­ted by Ste­fa­no Boe­ri we­re pri­me exam­ples. Jeff Be­zos, the foun­der of Ama­zon, has set up Blue Ori­gin, a com­pa­ny pro­du­cing spa­ce ve­hi­cles, in­clu­ding the New She­pard, whi­ch could al­rea­dy laun­ch at the end of the year. If you want to start pre­pa­ring for the trip, do­wn­load the Spa­ce Na­tion app by NA­SA. It offers trai­ning for ama­teur astro­nau­ts and you could win a spa­ce flight. ”

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