Dut­ch Punk

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - English Text - words by Pao­la Ca­ri­ma­ti — pho­tos by In­ga Po­wil­leit

In the Odd Mat­ter stu­dio in Rot­ter­dam, a cou­ple of young re­bels are pro­mo­ting a pri­mi­ti­ve, material idea of beau­ty. Wi­th an un­cea­sing sen­se of won­der Con­tem­po­ra­ry neo- Ar­chi­me­deans, they pre­fer fu­sion to syn­the­sis, star­ting from their own ori­gins: she’s Dut­ch and he’s Bul­ga­rian. We meet Els Wol­d­hek and Geor­gi Ma­nas­siev – the Odd Mat­ter – part­ners in life and work, in Rot­ter­dam, Hol­land, whe­re they foun­ded their work­shop in 2015. Still in their thir­ties, for them de­si­gn means fol­lo­wing their in­stinc­ts, whi­le being ca­re­ful to break loo­se from their own li­mi­ting self- con­vic­tions. “We start from ze­ro eve­ry ti­me, as if we we­re no­vi­ces,” they ex­plain. But in­spi­ra­tion doe­sn’t fol­low spe­cial, une­qui­vo­cal rou­tes: it ar­ri­ves from dif­fe­rent worlds ea­ch ti­me. “Wi­th Mass, for exam­ple, we di­sco­ve­red the in­fi­ni­te ex­pres­si­ve po­ten­tial of cork from the Var re­gion in Fran­ce. Ha­ving found out about the pro­duc­tion li­mi­ta­tions, we in­ven­ted a mix­tu­re of cork wi­th pla­ster and wa­ter that could be wor­ked by hand.” That led to a col­lec­tion of con­so­les and cof­fee ta­bles wi­th rock- li­ke struc­tu­res, but light as on­ly cork can be.” An­ce­stral, re­bel pre­sen­ces that fight again­st the my­th of ap­pea­ran­ces. Pri­mi­ti­ve and au­then­tic ele­men­ts, ae­sthe­ti­cal­ly pro­vo­ca­ti­ve, that pro­mo­te a new idea of beau­ty.

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