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Tech­no­lo­gi­cal in­no­va­tion, new ge­ne­ra­tion ma­te­rials, craf­tsman­ship and sty­le. The­se are the key fac­tors in de­si­gning a wat­ch. Crea­ting an ob­ject whe­re, li­ke in a de­si­gn pie­ce, form and con­tent, ae­sthe­tics and func­tio­na­li­ty mu­st co- exi­st. Our spe­cial, Elle Decor Watches, ta­kes you on this jour­ney, wi­thout ex­clu­ding the evo­ca­ti­ve, aspi­ra­tio­nal and emo­tio­nal va­lues that ha­ve al­ways been as­so­cia­ted wi­th the world of watches. It’s a ter­ri­to­ry thet we con­ti­nue to ex­plo­re on the oc­ca­sion of this third edi­tion, wi­th great cu­rio­si­ty and the de­si­re to tell this sto­ry from our point of view. We ha­ve do­ne so by zoo­ming in on the fa­ces of ‘ ske­le­ton’ watches, that show all the com­ple­xi­ty of a mo­ve­ment that is other­wi­se hid­den: re­vea­ling new de­tails on the the­me of the cir­cle, or con­stan­ts and va­ria­tions of to­tal black de­si­gns; ex­pres­sing con­cep­ts, in­stal­la­tions and ar­chi­tec­tu­re that of­fer a new ta­ke on the the­me of ti­me, on dif­fe­rent sca­les and in dif­fe­rent lan­gua­ges. En­ding up wi­th the wit­ty and crea­ti­ve idea of a ru­n­way of lit­tle ro­bo­ts wea­ring the la­te­st trends from the world of lu­xu­ry watches.

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