The al­pha­bet in 3D

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - English Text - by Va­len­ti­na Rag­gi

Wri­ting is back in fa­shion. Let­te­ring is mor­phing in­to gra­phics, de­co­ra­tion, fur­ni­shing and ar­chi­tec­tu­re. And, no lon­ger me­re­ly two- di­men­sio­nal, ty­pe­fa­ces are in­va­ding the crea­ti­ve sce­ne in 3D. Li­ke a hap­py re­bel­lion again­st an ima­ge- fo­cu­sed so­cie­ty Ju­st when we thought we we­re li­ving in a world do­mi­na­ted by ima­ges, he­re co­me crea­ti­ves from dif­fe­rent sec­tors, re­di­sco­ve­ring a pas­sion for the al­pha­bet. A new pa­ra­digm adop­ted in a tran­sver­sal way seems to pro­po­se a mu­ch- nee­ded re­turn to the va­lue of words in or­der to real­ly com­mu­ni­ca­te. One of the mo­st stri­king ca­ses is Airbnb, whi­ch has ju­st pre­sen­ted Ce­real, its cu­stom font. “We wan­ted a ty­pe­fa­ce that would func­tion beau­ti­ful­ly on­li­ne and of­fli­ne, so we de­ci­ded to craft our own,” says De­rek Chan, crea­ti­ve lead and de­si­gner for Airbnb. Ano­ther exam­ple is Ado­be, the IT brand that is re­laun­ching the hi­sto­ric Bau­haus fon­ts. The sa­me ty­pe­fa­ces al­so ap­pea­red on so­me gar­men­ts by de­si­gner Ma­ry Ka­tran­tzou, ce­le­bra­ting the cen­te­na­ry of the Ger­man school. The Dut­ch stu­dio MVRDV, on the other hand, has tran­sfor­med a for­mer in­du­strial buil­ding in Mu­ni­ch in­to a mul­ti­func­tio­nal spa­ce wi­th re­stau­ran­ts, bars, a gym and of­fi­ces: the pro­ject, Werk12, is cha­rac­te­ri­sed by giant words straight out of a co­mic book on the faça­de, the work of lo­cal ar­tists En­gel­mann and En­gl. In pro­duct de­si­gn, at the la­st Mi­lan De­si­gn Week, Faye Too­good pre­sen­ted the mo­du­lar ABCD chairs, in the sha­pe of mo­du­lar let­ters, and Nen­do, a se­ries of fur­ni­shings in the form of ideo­grams used in Chi­ne­se wri­ting. As for art, we need on­ly men­tion the on­going suc­cess of Bar­ba­ra Kru­ger, the ar­ti­st kno­wn as the queen of fon­ts, wi­th Ric­car­do Ti­sci de­cla­ring her a sour­ce of in­spi­ra­tion for the new di­rec­tion re­cen­tly ta­ken by Bur­ber­ry. Hap­py rea­ding.”

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