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ELLE Decor (Italy) - - English Text - by Pao­la Ca­ri­ma­ti — pho­tos by Da­vid Sier­ra

In the Co­lom­bian foun­dry be­lon­ging to Ch­ris Wol­ston, the Ame­ri­can ar­ti­st who has ma­de dua­li­sm

his hall­mark. His pie­ces, exo­tic and em­pa­the­tic, stem from an idea of crea­ti­ve and in­va­lua­ble re­cy­cling that is dri­ving millennials cra­zy

From the Uni­ted Sta­tes of Ame­ri­ca to Co­lom­bia, on the trail of col­lec­ti­ble re­cy­cling. The hand­ma­de pie­ces by Ame­ri­can mil­len­nial de­si­gner Ch­ris Wol­ston gi­ve a se­cond li­fe to wa­ste ma­te­rials su­ch as alu­mi­nium, glass and ter­ra­cot­ta, mel­ted do­wn and re- mi­xed in dif­fe­rent ways ea­ch ti­me: “Mi­ne is a work of syn­the­sis bet­ween op­po­sing worlds: Nor­th and Sou­th Ame­ri­ca, pa­st and fu­tu­re, an­cient tech­ni­ques and new ma­te­rials,” de­cla­res Ch­ris, who has two stu­dios, one in Broo­klyn and one in Me­del­lín. Lea­ves, sh­rubs, flo­wers and co­lours are part of his de­si­gn vo­ca­bu­la­ry, si­gns that we can clear­ly re­co­gni­se in the Tro­pi­cal ca­bi­net se­ries. “I li­ke the idea of brin­ging wild na­tu­re in­to li­ving rooms all over the world,” he says. The streng­th of his pro­jec­ts is how he works and in­ter­pre­ts the ma­te­rial. Mi­xing vi­sion and su­pe­rior craf­tsman­ship, Wol­ston de­mon­stra­tes that mat­ter can al­so en­ter­tain, if pre­sen­ted wi­th the right pat­terns and fi­ni­shes. The Body col­lec­tion in­clu­des cof­fee ta­bles, chairs and con­so­les that re­veal the sha­pes of hu­man bo­dies, bo­th ma­le and fe­ma­le. “The fir­st piece was crea­ted for the cha­ri­ty auc­tion sup­por­ting the Ame­ri­can Ci­vil Li­ber­ties Union,” con­fi­des the de­si­gner. Then ca­me the mee­ting wi­th Da­vid Alha­deff and Lau­ra Young of The Fu­tu­re Per­fect, whi­ch led to a for­ward- loo­king col­la­bo­ra­tion that has ta­ken Wol­ston to Flo­ri­da se­ve­ral ti­mes, du­ring De­si­gn Mia­mi, and around the world, to the ho­mes of in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly- re­no­w­ned col­lec­tors. chri­swol­ston. com

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