An­ja Ca­mil­la Ala­j­di

ELLE Decor (Italy) - - English Text - by Ma­rie Mon­rad Graun­bøl/ Re­vol­ver — pho­tos by Mik­kel Tjel­le­sen/ Li­ving Inside — wi­th the col­la­bo­ra­tion of Fla­via Gior­gi

Light, light­ness, spa­ces free of clut­ter. In the ho­me of the jewel de­si­gner and per­so­nal sty­li­st for Prin­cess Ma­ry of Den­mark

No no­stal­gia or col­lec­tor’s clut­ter for this six­ties vil­la to the nor­th of Copenhagen, be­cau­se me­mo­ry is mi­ti­ga­ted by the mi­ni­ma­li­sm that in­spi­res the ta­ste of the ho­meo­w­ner. “I li­ke the idea of being sur­roun­ded on­ly by what I am ef­fec­ti­ve­ly using,” says the sty­li­st, who is al­so de­si­gner and part­ner for the Da­ni­sh jewellery brand Du­long Fi­ne Jewel­ry. “I feel the need to li­ve in sim­ple sur­roun­dings, I need air, light and space in or­der to feel good,” she con­ti­nues. The jewel that ma­kes the in­te­riors so won­der­ful is light, the clear light of the nor­th that fills the­se rooms wi­thout hin­dran­ce, be­cau­se the front of the buil­ding over­loo­king the gar­den is com­ple­te­ly trans­pa­rent. Floor- to- cei­ling glass en­su­res that views out over the gree­ne­ry can be en­joyed from any point in the li­ving area. Just a few, em­ble­ma­tic ob­jec­ts, that’s all. “Doing away wi­th the clut­ter ma­kes you feel freer. And free­dom al­lo­ws you to al­so pack your bags and chan­ge li­fe, if you want.”

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