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Fe­de­li por­ta nel­la vi­va­ce col­le­zio­ne swim&wear la sua lun­ga tra­di­zio­ne sar­to­ria­le e la pre­zio­sa co­no­scen­za dei fi­la­ti. La po­lo mez­ze ma­ni­che Mon­dial, ad esem­pio, è in spu­gna di pre­gia­to co­to­ne egi­zia­no che do­na un’ec­cel­len­te fre­schez­za e co­mo­di­tà. Per­fet­ta in ab­bi­na­men­to al co­stu­me Ma­dei­ra in mi­cro­fi­bra stam­pa­ta che asciu­ga in un at­ti­mo, con tri­ple cu­ci­tu­re e do­ta­to di co­mo­do mo­schet­to­ne “pe­sce” por­ta chia­vi. Fe­de­li’s long­stan­ding sar­to­rial tra­di­tion and ex­cep­tio­nal yarns sav­vy com­bi­ne in the bree­zy swim&sear col­lec­tion for sum­mer 2016. The pri­zed Egyp­tian cot­ton ter­ry of the short-slee­ve Mon­dial po­lo, for exam­ple, gua­ran­tees ex­cep­tio­nal com­fort and cool wear. Per­fect wi­th the Ma­dei­ra swim short in prin­ted mi­cro­fi­ber that dries in a in­stant – and fea­tu­res tri­ple seams and a han­dy “fi­sh” snap-hook for your keys.

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