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L’ar­ti­sta mi­la­ne­se Do­na­tel­la Iz­zo espo­ne un nuo­vo e com­ples­so pro­get­to fo­to­gra­fi­co, a cu­ra di Fran­ce­sco Mut­ti, a LABot­te­ga di Ma­ri­na di Pie­tra­san­ta, fi­no al 9 lu­glio. “Fa­mi­ly Tree” riu­ni­sce la­vo­ri che na­sco­no dall’in­da­gi­ne in­tro­spet­ti­va sul ri­trat­to e sull’au­to­ri­trat­to, da cui emer­ge la cri­si di con­te­nu­ti del­la so­cie­tà. Im­ma­gi­ni rea­li, cru­de e ta­glien­ti, re­sti­tui­te al lo­ro va­lo­re fa­mi­lia­re, nar­ra­ti­vo: un dia­rio per­so­na­le di ri­cor­di e un’in­da­gi­ne psi­co­lo­gi­ca al tem­po stes­so. L’au­tri­ce, in­quie­ta e vi­sce­ra­le, spe­ri­men­ta tec­ni­che di­ver­se, dal col­la­ge al ta­glio, dall’abra­sio­ne all’in­ter­ven­to pit­to­ri­co. THE GENEALOGY OF

EXISTENCE | Un­til 9 Ju­ly, Mi­la­ne­se ar­ti­st Do­na­tel­la Iz­zo is sho­wing a new, com­plex pho­to pro­ject, cu­ra­ted by Fran­ce­sco Mut­ti, at LABot­te­ga of Ma­ri­na di Pie­tra­san­ta. Fa­mi­ly Tree brings to­ge­ther works that be­gin wi­th an in­tro­spec­ti­ve in­qui­ry in­to the por­trait and the self por­trait to ba­re the cri­sis of con­tent that af­flic­ts con­tem­po­ra­ry so­cie­ty. Real, cru­de, in­ci­si­ve ima­ges gi­ven back a fa­mi­liar, nar­ra­ti­ve va­lue: at on­ce a per­so­nal diary of me­mo­ries and a psy­cho­lo­gi­cal ana­ly­sis. The au­thor, a re­stless, vi­sce­ral, hi­ghly-in­di­vi­dual ta­lent, ex­pe­ri­men­ts wi­th a va­rie­ty of tech­ni­ques, from col­la­ge to cou­pa­ge, from abra­sion to pic­to­rial in­ter­ven­tion on the pho­to­gra­ph.­bot­te­ga­

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