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CAPOLAVORO ASSOLUTO | Cu­vée Loui­se, de­di­ca­ta a co­lei che creò uno sti­le nuo­vo all’in­se­gna del­la fi­nez­za e dell’ele­gan­za, lo sti­le Pom­me­ry. Pro­du­zio­ne li­mi­ta­ta, so­lo nel­le an­na­te ec­ce­zio­na­li, so­lo uve Grands Crus, die­ci an­ni di ri­po­so nel­le ca­ves. Cham­pa­gne di gran­de pu­rez­za sim­bo­lo del­la Mai­son Pom­me­ry. AN AB­SO­LU­TE MASTERPIECE | Cu­vée Loui­se is na­med for the wo­man who crea­ted the Pom­me­ry sty­le of fi­ne, light ele­gan­ce. A li­mi­ted­pro­duc­tion cham­pa­gne, ma­de on­ly in ex­cep­tio­nal years and on­ly from grand-cru ter­roir gra­pes, then al­lo­wed to re­st for ten years in li­me­sto­ne ca­ves. An ex­tre­me­ly pu­re cham­pa­gne, the quin­tes­sen­tial em­bo­di­ment of the Mai­son Pom­me­ry sty­le. www.vran­ken­pom­me­ry.com

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