un ri­tor­no at­te­so, un con­nu­bio di gran fa­sci­no

an ea­ger­ly-awai­ted co­me­back, a fa­sci­na­ting union

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Il se­gna­tem­po Ser­pen­ti Tu­bo­gas Bulgari in oro bian­co, ro­sa e gial­lo 18kt è una rein­ter­pre­ta­zio­ne in chia­ve con­tem­po­ra­nea del­le crea­zio­ni tri­co­lo­ri an­ni Ses­san­ta del­la mai­son. Un ri­tor­no at­te­so e un con­nu­bio di gran fa­sci­no fra due au­ten­ti­che ico­ne. Il bor­do del­la cas­sa a for­ma di te­sta di ser­pen­te è im­pre­zio­si­to da un’ele­gan­te cor­ni­ce com­po­sta da tren­tot­to dia­man­ti ta­glio bril­lan­te. The Ser­pen­ti Tu­bo­gas Bulgari ti­me­pie­ce in whi­te, pink and 18K yel­low gold is a new, con­tem­po­ra­ry in­ter­pre­ta­tion of the mai­son’s tri­co­lor crea­tions from the Six­ties. A lon­ged-for re­turn and a fa­sci­na­ting union of two au­then­tic cult the­mes. A perfectly-gra­ded coi­ling bra­ce­let and a sna­ke’s head wat­ch ele­gan­tly ou­tli­ned wi­th a set­ting of 38 bril­liant-cut dia­monds.

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via Car­duc­ci 6/d an­go­lo piaz­za Mar­co­ni, For­te dei Mar­mi; Pon­te Vec­chio 54R, Fi­ren­ze

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