ro­bu­sto e ver­sa­ti­le

ro­bu­st and ver­sa­ti­le

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Af­fi­da­bi­le, ro­bu­sto e ver­sa­ti­le, l’Oy­ster Per­pe­tual GMT-Ma­ster II sfog­gia il nuo­vis­si­mo ca­li­bro 3285, mo­vi­men­to in­te­ra­men­te svi­lup­pa­to e pro­dot­to da Ro­lex con l’obiet­ti­vo – cen­tra­to – di ele­va­re la re­sa ener­ge­ti­ca e la re­si­sten­za agli ur­ti e al­le va­ria­zio­ni di tem­pe­ra­tu­ra. An­co­ra e sem­pre un se­gna­tem­po idea­le sia per i viag­gi sia per le oc­ca­sio­ni di tut­ti i gior­ni. The re­lia­ble, ro­bu­st and ver­sa­ti­le Oy­ster Per­pe­tual GMT-Ma­ster II in­cor­po­ra­tes the brand-new ca­li­bre 3285 mo­ve­ment en­ti­re­ly de­ve­lo­ped and ma­nu­fac­tu­red by Ro­lex to in­crea­se po­wer re­ser­ve and re­si­stan­ce to shocks and tem­pe­ra­tu­re va­ria­tions – wi­th un­pa­ral­le­led re­sul­ts. As al­ways, the ideal ti­me­pie­ce for tra­vel and for eve­ry day’s spe­cial oc­ca­sions. avai­la­ble at SAL­VI­NI - BOU­TI­QUE RO­LEX via Car­duc­ci 1/a, For­te dei Mar­mi

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