se­gre­te me­ta­mor­fo­si

se­cret me­ta­mor­pho­ses

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Giar­di­ni Se­gre­ti è l’ico­ni­ca col­le­zio­ne Pa­squa­le Bruni ispi­ra­ta ai luo­ghi che dan­no ori­gi­ne a un le­ga­me pre­zio­so tra don­na e na­tu­ra. Gio­iel­li che par­la­no di Ar­te e Bel­lez­za, crea­zio­ni in oro e dia­man­ti che na­sco­no da fo­glie si­nuo­se e ge­ne­ra­no mo­ti­vi flo­rea­li dall’in­ti­ma ve­sti­bi­li­tà: gio­iel­li mo­del­la­ti per vi­ve­re sul cor­po in una me­ta­mor­fo­si di for­me se­gre­te. Giar­di­ni Se­gre­ti is the em­ble­ma­tic Pa­squa­le Bruni col­lec­tion in­spi­red by pla­ces that crea­te po­tent bonds bet­ween a wo­man and na­tu­re. Jewels that speak to art and to beau­ty, in­ven­tions in gold and dia­monds that grow from si­nuous lea­ves to ge­ne­ra­te in­he­ren­tly, in­ti­ma­te­ly wea­ra­ble flo­ral mo­tifs: jewel­ry sha­ped to li­ve on the bo­dy, to ini­tia­te me­ta­mor­pho­ses of se­cret forms.

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