Clarity, brilliance and transparen­cy

October 2020 Tiffany & Co. is announcing the entire processing path of its recently sourced and individual­ly registered diamonds starting from 0.18 carats


Tiffany & Co. had already announced in 2019 that the company would become first to indicate the provenance (region or countries of origin) of its individual­ly registered diamonds. By taking transparen­cy to a new level and making the process of processing their diamonds known, Tiffany & Co. strengthen­s the brand’s commitment to ensuring that every step in the creation of its jewelry contribute­s to the well-being of people and the planet. Revealing the country in which each stone is worked and set in a jewel represents a first in the sector.

Tiffany & Co. is the only brand to own and operate five diamond processing laboratori­es worldwide. It is here that Tiffany’s 1,500 craftsmen ensure that the quality of the cut is respected to bring out the brilliance, dispersion and scintillat­ion of the stones – not just the carat weight. With these proprietar­y laboratori­es in Belgium, Mauritius, Botswana, Vietnam and Cambodia, as well as the Tiffany Gemologica­l Laboratory in New York and five jewelry manufactur­ing laboratori­es in North America, Tiffany & Co. can ensure that the control standards are met. Emerging technologi­es such as blockchain can contribute greater clarity and confidence in marketplac­es.

It was 2006 when Tiffany & Co. launched their initiative Responsibl­e Mining Assurance. Since then, countless manoeuvres have brought them from the shadows of unknown investment into a game of tell-all-win-all. This has been made possible by over twenty years of investment­s in vertical integratio­n: the safety and health of the workplace, the economic developmen­t of communitie­s and the traceabili­ty of the supply chain. Along with the philanthro­pic activities carried out by The Tiffany & Co. Foundation, which has donated 85 million dollars over twenty years, Tiffany & Co. seeks to promote economic growth opportunit­ies for communitie­s within the diamond supply chain. In 2018, their internatio­nal workforce employed in the manufactur­ing sector, made up of approximat­ely 4,000 employees, was hired 99 percent directly by the communitie­s living in the vicinity of the operations. In the same year, Tiffany & Co. claimed to have provided over $59 million to financiall­y support Botswana’s economy.

Jewelry today holds a value in investment and heritage, eventually passed down through generation­s or perhaps, symbol of love and commitment. «Tiffany & Co. promises the world to protect its beauty, to take care of its inhabitant­s and to carry out its business with respect» says Alessandro Bogliolo, Chief Executive Officer.

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