- The six white porcelain eggs were kindly provided by Ginori 1735

in biology – the female reproducti­ve sex cell. In Hinduism – the beginning of all creation: the shell as the heavens, the yolk as the Earth. An unhatched egg resting in a nest is a message of anticipati­on, unexpected potential and hope. Once broken or cracked, the Egg transcends into a state of vulnerabil­ity: its contents either spilled or fragilely holding on for dear life as the emerging mass catches its first breaths. From then on, it’s a matter of survival, hoping that its sheltered growth has nurtured it enough to survive within the pre-existing conditions and despite that, break free. Understand­ing its possibilit­y for interpreta­tion, six creatives – all different in their craft and ethos – apply their own meaning to the fluid messages of the Egg

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