Bonacina 1889

- Lurago D’Erba, Como photograph­y Filippo Ferrarese words Bonacina 1889

the warmth of the Rattan, the physical challenge of the craftsman working it, the concentrat­ion, the thought of the designer shaped by expert hands. In the human dimension of the company, shared artistic vision and individual talent form a creative community. Lorenzo — rattan and wood sculptor; Khalid — the violinist; Rosa — the weaving master. The concept of the nest is rediscover­ed by Elia Bonacina belonging to the fourth generation of the family, who entrusts the creation of the work to Lorenzo. The egg is protected by a Rattan core armor. The creation of the void, based on Khalid’s idea, is carried out with a work of subtractio­n. In the base supporting the nest there is a representa­tion of the number 3, which allows the resolution of the dualistic conflict according to the principles of numerology. The clash between order and disorder is tamed in weft and warp by the hands of Rosa

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