Via dei Banchi Vec­chi & Via Mon­ser­rato

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Have your cab drop you at the start of Via dei Banchi Vec­chi where it hits Corso Vit­to­rio Emanuele. First up on your right at #50a, raid Laura Urbinati / 06 6813 6478 / lau­rau­ / for her neat stash of girly beachy­wear. Sha­gadelic rus­ti­cana re­sides at #45 Fer­retti e Guer­rini / 06 6830 7448 / a rough and tum­ble mish-mash menu of lamps, ob­jets, furny and bric-à-brac. Belt up at #40 Cuoio e Pel­lami / 06 686 4629 / closed Sat-Sun / with skins from snake to croc, and all man­ner of buck­les of­fer­ing un­end­ing vari­a­tions from chic to vul­gar. Lil­iana Michilli Anel­le­ria at # 37 / 06 6839 2154 / has shiny gob­stop­per jew­els, and An­ti­chità at #33 / 06 687 5747 / shelves a stash of vin­tage Ital­ian purses. Thirsty? Try a sly gar­gle at #14 Il Goc­cetto (see Wine Bars). Okay, now head right here onto Via delle Carceri and right again onto Via Gi­u­lia to the sum­mer rooftop sip­per at DOM Ho­tel (see Ac­com.), not­ing nearby is late-night dive bar Jerry Thomas / 06 9684 5937. Cross to an­tique dealer Faraoni at #137 (see Stand­out Stores) for beau­ti­ful pins and vin­tage cuff­links, and pick up a tasty sup­pli (rice ball) from, ahem, Sup­plizio at #143 (see Rest./Re­laxed). Exit left and fork right down Via di Mon­ser­rato hy­per­ven­ti­lat­ing at Ex-Cartier and Bul­gari de­signer Fabio Salini's ate­lier at #18 / 06 6830 1172 / fabios­ / a Fort Knox of diva rocks. Next up on your right Pier­luigi (see Restau­rants/Fash­ion­ista) fires up flip-fresh seafood in a bella pi­azza, com­plete with a trig lit­tle bar for a crafty re­fresher. Pootling on now, Ate­lier Glo­ria Gobbi at #43b / 06 6813 5876 / has a saketo-me stash of deli-cious vin­tage ki­monos. Ok, nip on, and hey pon­cho, you're in pretty Pi­azza Far­nese. Parched? For­tu­nata­mente, di­rectly over the pi­azza at #50 is resto and sip­smith Cam­poneschi (see Bars) for a lo­cal ogle and well-earned li­ba­tion, or cross di­ag­o­nally over the pi­azza and nip down lit­tle Vi­colo del Giglio to find our favourite grapester L'An­golo Divino (see Wine Bars) on the cor­ner of Via dei Balestrari. Bums down and bot­toms up! Blis­sis­simo!

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