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Pre­cious de­tails and vintage tou­ches. Sty­le ad­vi­ce from designer Ja­ne Web­ster, for dres­sing the ho­me in the sty­le of a Fren­ch châ­teau. A vi­brant com­bi­na­tion of ma­gni­fi­cent wall­pa­pers, fur­ni­tu­re and trim­mings that mix and mat­ch dif­fe­rent pe­riods

By Da­ni­lo Ascani - Pho­tos Robyn Lea

As re­gu­lar as the ren­trée des clas­ses at the end of the sum­mer ho­li­days, Mai­son & Objet is the ul­ti­ma­te da­te wi­th ele­gan­ce and char­me à la fra­nçai­se that dé­cor de­vo­tees sim­ply can’t af­ford to miss. The Sa­lon de­di­ca­ted to in­te­rior de­si­gn will be held in Pa­ris from 7 to 11 Sep­tem­ber, and this year’s edi­tion pro­mi­ses two ex­ci­ting in­no­va­tions. On one hand, a lo­ca­tion re­de­si­gned to ex­tol the mo­st beau­ti­ful do­me­stic bac­k­drops; on the other, a main the­me un­que­stio­na­bly in li­ne wi­th our ti­mes:

Vir­tuous de­si­gn, or ra­ther de­si­gn wi­th the grea­te­st re­spect for su­stai­na­bi­li­ty, re­spon­si­ble con­sump­tion and al­ter­na­ti­ve ma­te­rials, fol­lo­wing an en­vi­ron­men­tal­ly-friend­ly dog­ma wi­thout ne­glec­ting l’art de vi­vre and the so­phi­sti­ca­ted ta­ste tren­ding beyond the Alps. A the­me re­flec­ted in the ima­ges on the­se pa­ges, ta­ken from Fren­ch Hou­se Chic (Tha­mes & Hud­son), a cof­fee ta­ble book in whi­ch Ja­ne Web­ster of­fers va­lua­ble ad­vi­ce on ho­me de­co­ra­tion. A per­fec­tly or­che­stra­ted po­ly­pho­ny that be­gins at the en­tran­ce: “Cat­ching the eye from the ou­tset is eve­ry­thing. I the­re­fo­re re­com­mend try­ing to crea­te a ba­sic sym­me­try, pe­rhaps wi­th va­ses of fre­sh flo­wers or a small col­lec­tion of blue and whi­te por­ce­lain, not to men­tion scen­ted cand­les, whi­ch ha­ve the sa­me ef­fect on the dé­cor of a spa­ce as that of a broo­ch on the per­fect out­fit”, says the au­thor. Ac­cor­ding to Ms Web­ster, in or­der to ‘dress’ your hou­se wi­th per­so­na­li­ty, you need to choo­se stri­ped wallpaper (“a sym­bol of bold­ness”), da­ma­sked tex­ti­les and re­fi­ned silk tas­sels to en­han­ce the thea­tri­cal ef­fect of hea­vy dra­pes. De­tails that can be mi­xed and mat­ched wi­th lu­xu­rious da­mier mo­tif par­que­ts and a palette of neu­tral to­nes ar­ran­ged in su­ch a way as to play do­wn the im­pact of an­ti­que arm­chairs and vintage pie­ces wi­th an au­ste­re feel. Then, day­light − whi­ch chan­ges th­rou­ghout the day − is an essential ele­ment of this sco­re, as is the light ca­st by cry­stal chan­de­liers or flam­boyant cand­le hol­ders, wai­ting in the wings to turn the en­vi­ron­men­ts in­to stars. In the­se con­tex­ts, the ro­le played by boi­se­rie is ju­st as im­por­tant: bo­th de­co­ra­ti­ve and func­tio­nal, it ap­pears to re-esta­bli­sh the pro­por­tions, plays along in crea­ting unex­pec­ted tricks of sca­le and, when re­qui­red, can con­ceal han­dy cu­p­boards. Fi­nal­ly, to en­su­re that eve­ry­thing li­te­ral­ly di­splays the ul­ti­ma­te art­ful pa­na­che, add at lea­st one pain­ting, small bu­st or se­pa­ré to cap­tu­re at­ten­tion. This sa­me ca­re is re­ser­ved for the ba­th­room, whi­ch is to be de­co­ra­ted al­mo­st as if it we­re an ex­clu­si­ve Spa: “Wi­thout for­going prac­ti­ca­li­ty, an an­ti­que tub or sink are two ideal finishing flou­ri­shes: good ta­ste and the pa­ti­na of ti­me are a per­fect duo”. Très chic, as they say in Fran­ce.

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