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Master Meeting - - INDICE INSERZIONISTI - Ma­rio Man­ci­ni

Ita­ly is still the coun­try of con­trasts that of­ten become pa­ra­do­xes. To stay com­pe­ti­ti­ve so­me is­sues should be sol­ved, now, mo­re than ever, be­cau­se it is a ve­ry fa­vou­ra­ble ti­me for tourism in our coun­try and in the world. Let’s start from pa­ra­do­xes. We are among the lea­ding coun­tries in Eu­ro­pe for the num­ber of avai­la­ble rooms per ho­tel, so we are fir­st for ac­com­mo­da­tion ca­pa­ci­ty. Ho­we­ver, if we look at the of­fer, we find out that we are not on the top of the hit pa­ra­de for the ave­ra­ge rooms per ho­tel. As well as we are not lea­ding in ano­ther spe­cia­li­ty: se­ve­ral big in­ter­na­tio­nal ho­tel chains are in Ita­ly. Ho­we­ver, not all of them. And the num­ber of big groups, com­pa­red to the num­ber of ho­tels in Ita­ly, is still li­mi­ted. Is this a streng­th or a wea­k­ness? This is a ve­ry im­por­tant is­sue in the Ita­lian ho­te­lier hi­sto­ry. An is­sue to fa­ce to make the of­fer even mo­re com­pe­ti­ti­ve, not for­get­ting that tourism industry pu­ts com­pa­nies in chal­len­ging si­tua­tions, su­ch as what la­te­ly hap­pe­ned to Val­tur. The streng­th of Ita­ly is the hi­gh qua­li­ty, the ve­ry hi­gh qua­li­ty, of ho­te­liers. We have small ho­tels, but they are ex­cep­tio­nal­ly char­ming and im­por­tant. Is it good to ho­pe for mo­re in­vol­ve­ment of the big chains? Yes, of cour­se. They of­fer the chan­ce to mo­ve lar­ge-sca­le in­vest­men­ts to our coun­try. In or­der words, I would li­ke to un­der­li­ne that the Ita­lian ho­tel mo­del is so uni­que that keeps its streng­th right from this con­di­tion that needs to be pre­ser­ved and abo­ve all de­ve­lo­ped un­der eve­ry pro­fi­le. Of­fer, en­ter­tain­ment, bu­si­ness, lei­su­re, ser­vi­ces for peo­ple and com­pa­nies are the key fac­tors of the suc­ces­sful re­ci­pe of Ita­lian ho­tel of­fer, mi­xed wi­th the abi­li­ty to mar­ke­ting, tech­no­lo­gi­cal and ser­vi­ce in­no­va­tion. This is the new fron­tier we are cal­led to con­quer. Qua­li­ty of ser­vi­ces is es­sen­tial now that com­pe­ti­tors co­me from all over the world. Ita­ly is hi­ghly com­pe­tent, and we should use and su­stain this com­pe­ten­ce. The ex­pe­rien­ce of­fe­red by Ita­lian ho­tels is uni­que. So, let’s fight for this wi­th proud, wi­thout un­de­re­sti­ma­ting our va­lue.

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