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We o en talk about well­ness be­cau­se ho­tels are spen­ding bil­lions on pu ng in a spa, whi­ch even if ama­zing, will not ge­ne­ra­te re­ve­nue and pro­fit. The Spa, sy­no­ny­mous wi­th well­ness, un­for­tu­na­te­ly ap­pears to be an es­sen al fea­tu­re for eve­ry to­p­class ho­tel, so we co­me to the cru­cial ques on: is in­ves ng hea­vi­ly in well­ness pro­fi­ta­ble for a ho­tel brand? It is one of the di­lem­mas fa­cing the de­le­ga­tes who re­cen­tly spo­ke at the Glo­bal Well­ness Sum­mit whi­ch was held la­st Oc­to­ber in Ita­ly, fit ngly at the Tech­no­gym Vil­la­ge in Cesena. Du­ring the mee ng, the ge­ne­ral ma­na­gers of so­me of the mo­st im­por­tant ho­tel brands in the world met for a pa­nel en tled “Sha­ping the fu­tu­re bu­si­ness of well­ness and well­being in ho­spi­ta­li­ty”. What ac ons do lar­ge ho­tel brands im­ple­ment for the cu­sto­mer’s well­ness? Mo­st of the spea­kers ad­mi ed that up un l now they ha­ve tal­ked a lot about well­ness, but do­ne ve­ry li le in rea­li­ty. On­ly the brands spe­cia­li­sing in well­ness and re­la­ted ser­vi­ces de­di­ca­te the ap­pro­pria­te amount of a en on to this to­pic. Un­less a brand fo­cu­ses on well­ness in its of­fer (e.g. Ca­nyon Ran­ch or Six Sen­ses), in­vest­men­ts in this area are s ll viewed as ha­ving a li­mi­ted ROI. So how can ho­tels quan fy the fi­nan­cial re­turn on well­ness? When well­ness is in­te­gra­ted in the pro­duct it is ob­viou­sly so­mewhat dif­fi­cult to mea­su­re

it. If ho­tels think that they are of­fe­ring 300­400 squa­re me­tres of well­ness area to their cu­sto­mers for free, then the fi­gu­res ra­re­ly add up. Ho­we­ver, if they al­so a ri­bu­te the ad­ded va­lue ge­ne­ra­ted on ac­com­mo­da on and ca­te­ring, then things can chan­ge. But even the de­si­gn of the­se spa­ces mu­st chan­ge and ali­gn wi­th the well­ness of­fer that a rac­ts af­fluent and weal­thy cu­sto­mers. It may seem a pa­ra­dox, but cur­ren­tly the be­st tool to mea­su­re the eco­no­mic va­lue of the well­ness com­po­nent seems to be Tri­pAd­vi­sor whi­ch can hard­ly be con­si­de­red a gold stan­dard in terms of the eco­no­mic and fi­nan­cial ana­ly­sis of a ho­tel. Brian Po­vi­nel­li, Glo­bal Brand lea­der of Mar­rio In­ter­na onal, sta­ted that if the re­turn on well­ ness can­not be di­rec­tly lin­ked to the re­turn on in­vest­ment, the for­mer itself can­not work. To mea­su­re ROW (Re­turn On Well­ness), ho­tel bu­si­nes­ses should con­duct a stu­dy on the well­ness of their guests to un­der­stand the real per­cep on of ser­vi­ces and well­ness ele­men­ts by guests. Cu­sto­mer sen ment could then be re­la­ted to a Re­vPAR in­dex (re­ve­nue per avai­la­ble room). Lind­sey Mad­den­Na­deau, Glo­bal Di­rec­tor of Spa Ope­ra ons and In­te­gra ons of the Ac­cor group sug­ge­sted pe­rio­di­cal­ly car­ry­ing out a sur­vey among guests to find out their per­cep on of well­ness in the ho­tel and as­sess the in­crea­se in loyal­ty and al­le­gian­ce of the guests. Ho­we­ver, ac­cor­ding to the thir­ty­year ex­pe­rien­ce of Tra­de­ mark Ita­lia, it is vir­tual­ly im­pos­si­ble to esta­bli­sh spe­ci­fic ways of de­mon­stra ng the fi­nan­cial va­lue of well­ness among the spas world­wi­de for in­ter­na onal chains. If so­meo­ne we­re to suc­ceed, it would be li­ke di­sco­ve­ring the Ho­ly Grail, be­cau­se, as sta­ted by Je­re­my McCar­thy, Spa & Well­ness di­rec­tor of Man­da­rin Orien­tal Ho­tel Group, « if so­me­thing can­not be quan fied eco­no­mi­cal­ly, it is dif­fi­cult to sell it to an in­ve­stor ». And he­re lies the di­lem­ma that McCar­thy has had the cou­ra­ge to say out loud and about whi­ch ho­tel com­pa­nies will con nue to ask the sa­me stra­te­gic ques on: “is the well­ness of­fer at the ho­tel so­me­thing that can be mo­ne sed or so­me­thing mo­re in­tan­gi­ble that aims to im­pro­ve the li­ves of its guests?”.

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