Over a cen­tu­ry of beau­ty and qua­li­ty

Sin­ce four ge­ne­ra­tions, Bo­na­ci­na 1889 has si­gned the mo­st beau­ti­ful in­door and out­door fur­ni­tu­re in the world. It car­ries on a hi­sto­ry of ex­cel­len­ce, whe­re the beau­ty is ex­pres­sed, not on­ly by sha­pes, but al­so in the har­mo­nious use of na­tu­ral ma­te­rial, su

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The iden ty of Bo­na­ci­na1889 ori­gi­na­tes from a ma­te­rial, ra an, from a fa­mi­ly, Bo­na­ci­na, and from a re­gion, Brian­za. For mo­re than a cen­tu­ry the com­pa­ny went along sty­les and trends to the me main­tai­ning its qua­li­ty and de­si­gn cha­rac­te­ris cs un­tou­ched and kee­ping in mind that trends are me­re re­pre­sen­ta on and not the foun­da ons to ba­se the com­pa­ny on. To­day Vi orio Bo­na­ci­na and Pie­ran­to­nio Bo­na­ci­na co­me to­ge­ther in Bo­na­ci­na1889. The com­pa­ny re­mains fai­th­ful to the na­tu­ral raw ma­te­rials that mo­stly de­fi­ned its cul­tu­re whi­le con­so­li­da ng the know­how re­gar­ding the out­door world, in­he­ri­ted from the re­cent ac­qui­si on. Now as then, ea­ch pie­ce is hand­cra ed by spe­cia­li­zed ar sans who ca­re­ful­ly and fi­ne­ly cur­ve ra an ca­nes, wea­ve and bind rat­tan co­re and syn­the c ma­te­rials – su­ch as Bo­pi­fil, Po­ly­peel, Po­ly­co­re, Kri­lon and Ro­lon – gi­ving bir­th to ar­chi­tec­ts and de­si­gners pro­jec­ts, car­ry­ing out an in­ter­na onal di­vul­ga ve pro­cess.

Looks at the fu­tu­re

The four­th ge­ne­ra on, re­ly­ing on its he­ri­ta­ge, looks at the fu­tu­re evol­ving and in­no­va ng con­stan­tly wi­th dy­na­mic and pas­sio­na­te spi­rit. Gio­van­ni Bo­na­ci­na star­ted his bu­si­ness in 1889 in Lu­ra­go d’Er­ba, lo­ca­ted in a hil­ly, fer le part of the area nor­th of Mi­lan kno­wn as Brian­za, com­bi­ning two tra­di onal cra s prac ced in the area, ba­ske­try and fur­ni­tu­re ma­king, using the lo­cal ma­te­rials reed and ca­ne, wi­th ra an from Sou­thea­st Asia. His hard work and ex­pe­rien­ce pro­du­ced ex­cel­lent re­sul­ts, and his ef­forts we­re rewar­ded wi­th awards in in­ter­na onal ex­po­si ons and nu­me­rous im­por­tant com­mis­sions. His son Vi orio car­ried on and built upon what his fa­ther had pas­sed do­wn, ta­king the com­pa­ny yet ano­ther step for­ward. Wi­th an eye on the re­vo­lu on in de­si­gn and art that was ta­king pla­ce in the 1950’s, and a new era in the com­pa­ny’s fu­tu­re de­si­gn, ma­de pos­si­ble by the win­ning com­bi­na on of pro­duc on ex­pe­rien­ce the vi­sio­na­ry col­la­bo­ra on wi­th ta­len­ted de­si­gn­ ers, and a shared wil­ling­ness to pu­sh the ma­te­rials and sha­pes in­to new ex­pres­si­ve forms. Bo­na­ci­na1889 dis ngui­shed itself again and again.

Ve­ry hi­gh for­mal and ae­sthe­tic qua­li­ty

Mea­n­whi­le, Ma­rio Bo­na­ci­na, Vi orio’s son, was gro­wing as a de­si­gner and as an in­spi­red heir to the fa­mi­ly’s com­pa­ny na­me. Wi­th the as­su­ran­ce of the suc­cess of the pa­st two ge­ne­ra ons he found him­self in the uni­que po­si on of ta­king the com­pa­ny to­wards the fu­tu­re by re­pro­po­sing se­lec­ted hi­sto­ric pie­ces in up­da­ted ways and by con nuing to work wi­th im­por­tant de­si­gners in in­no­va ve ways. In step wi­th the mes, he em­pha­si­zed the eco­lo­gi­cal su­stai­na­bi­li­ty of the ma­te­rials used whi­le car­ry­ing on the hi­ghly crea ve and re­fi­ned work for whi­ch the com­pa­ny is kno­wn. About twen­ty years ago An­to­nia Pro­ser­pio, Ma­rio’s wi­fe, brought her skills, sty­le and gra­ce to the mix and esta­bli­shed her in­va­lua­ble pla­ce in the th­ri­ving com­pa­ny. The com­mit­ment to ex­cel­len­ce means the be­st ma­te­rials and skil­led, ex­pe­rien­ced cra sman­ship. In de­si­gn you ha­ve to start out wi­th a deep kno­w­led­ge of your raw ma­te­rials: Ra an em­bo­dy streng­th, vi­ta­li­ty and flui­di­ty. It is an eco­lo­gi­cal­ly su­stai­na­ble, na­tu­ral and re­newa­ble re­sour­ce. Whe­ther ap­ply­ing a wi­de ran­ge of wa­ter­ba­sed, ap­pea­ling and mo­dern co­lors, or op ng for na­tu­ral fi­ni­shes and to­nes, the ma­te­rial is en­han­ced– and al­mo­st seems to brea­the. Bo­na­ci­na1889’s ar sans show ma­ste­ry in the tech­ni­ques they use. Ea­ch pie­ce is ma­de by hand and they ma­ke it look ea­sy. By sim­ply using the ba­sic ele­men­ts of na­tu­re, wa­ter and fi­re, in com­bi­na on wi­th their in­fal­li­ble ex­pe­rien­ce wi­th rat­tan and ra an co­re, they gi­ve sha­pe to ex­cel­len­ce ha­ving the pa en­ce to find them­sel­ves in­tel­li­gent, es­sen al and ae­sthe c so­lu on, in bo­th the de­si­gning and ma­nu­fac­tu­ring pha­ses. This fa­sci­na ng pro­cess al­lo­ws the crea on of func onal and beau ful pie­ces of fur­ni­tu­re that are al­ways a de­light to li­ve wi­th and are bo­th

me­less and of its me. The fa­mi­ly’s and the com­pa­ny’s com­mit­ment is bo­th sim­ple and com­plex ­ a pa­ra­dox. A suc­ces­sful fa­mi­ly bu­si­ness is ba­sed upon be­lief your fa­mi­ly’s way of thin­king, wor­king and re­la ng to others. It is a re­sult of in­ves ng in your pla­ce of ori­gin, whi­le at the sa­me me un­der­stan­ding you are part of a lar­ger con­text. It is a na­tu­ral mix of re­spect for the pa­st, crea ve en­thu­sia­sm in the pre­sent, and vi­sion to­wards the fu­tu­re. A par al li­st of re­cent clien­ts in­clu­de: The Whi­te Hou­se, Wa­shing­ton DC, USA ­ de­si­gner Mi­chael Smi­th; Pa­laz­zo Mar­ghe­ri­ta; Fran­cis Ford Cop­po­la fa­mi­ly, Ber­nal­da, Ba­si­li­ca­ta, Ita­ly; Ho­tel Ca­ru­so, Ra­vel­lo, Ita­ly; Le Si­re­nu­se, Po­si­ta­no, Ita­ly; Ho­tel La Mi­ran­de, Avi­gnon, Fran­ce; Grand Ho­tel a Vil­la Fel­tri­nel­li, Gar­gna­no, Ita­ly; Ca­si­nò Royal, Mel­bour­ne, Au­stra­lia; Ri­sto­ran­te Gia­co­mo Aren­ga­rio, Mu­seo del No­ve­cen­to, Mi­la­no, Ita­ly. As re­sult of gro­wing up in a fa­mi­ly bu­si­ness and ha­ving en­han­ced his crea ve sen­si­bi­li­ty by stu­dy­ing in­te­rior de­si­gn, Elia Bo­na­ci­na ta­kes his pla­ce in the com­pa­ny in 2012 de­si­gning ERIS © . Star ng from a strong com­pa­ny and brand that is, as a ma er of fact, lea­der in the de­si­gn of ra an fur­ni­tu­re, Elia de­ci­des not to se le, but to ma­ke a dif­fe­ren­ce ra­ther than pas­si­ve­ly en­joy his fa­mi­ly suc­cess. Thanks to his sen­se of the in­ter­na onal fi­nan­cial world he ta­kes ac on as soon as he can by plan­ning the ac­qui­si on of the Pie­ran­to­nio Bo­na­ci­na Brand, whi­ch was in turn crea­ted by ano­ther bran­ch of the Bo­na­ci­nas’ fa­mi­ly. At the end the com­bi­na on of pas­sion and skills, is the ve­ry co­re of this fa­mi­ly com­pa­ny whi­ch re­mains me­less when con­fron­ted to the pas­sing of sty­les, fa­shion and the ge­ne­ra onal tur­no­ver. Vi orio Bo­na­ci­na by ac­qui­ring the brand Pie­ran­to­nio Bo­na­ci­na brings to­ge­ther two hi­sto­ri­cal en es of the de­si­gn world and crea­tes Bo­na­ci­na1889 s. r. l. The col­lec ons that iden fied bo­th com­pa­nies th­rou­gh the years will con nue to be the co­re bu­si­ness of Bo­na­ci­na1889 s. r. l. whi­le kee­ping re­sear­ching and in­no­va­ting.

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