The po­wer of fairs

The in­du­stry of Ita­lian ex­hi­bi­tions is so­lid and gro­wing, it can bring eco­no­mic well being to the en­ti­re Coun­try

Master Meeting - - SCENARI DEL TURISMO - by Da­rio Du­cas­se

IAll over the world on the six­th of Ju­ne the World Day of Ex­hi­bi ons has been ce­le­bra­ted: it’s a mo­ment of “ce­le­bra on”, but espe­cial­ly to think about the world of ex­hi­bi ons, whi­ch ta­kes ad­van­ta­ges of this event to let peo­ple, not in­vol­ved in the in­du­stry, know the po­ten al of ma­ni­fe­sta ons. In par cu­lar, the event has, of cour­se, sho­wed Ita­lian fairs, em­pha­si­sing the po­si ve im­pact on em­ploy­ment, eco­no­mic ac vi es, in­no­va on, lo­cal in­ve­st­ men­ts. It has al­so hi­ghlighted how fairs are a mee ng and con­fron­ta on pla­ce and a cen­tre for laun­ching crea vi­ty and ta­lent. This year the World Day of Ex­hi­bi ons was al­so an op­por­tu­ni­ty to pre­sent glo­bal­ly even­ts lin­ked by the the­me “The Po­wer of Ex­hi­bi ons”. Glo­bal­ly, the fair in­du­stry is an au­then c en­gi­ne for de­ve­lo­p­ment, and num­bers con­firm it: ac­cor­ding to the UFI ( The Glo­bal As­so­cia on for the Ex­hi­bi on In­du­stry) da­ta, ex­pen­di­tu­re of ex­hi­bi­tors

and vi­si­tors is € 98 bil­lion, the em­ployed peo­ple are 680,000 and they grow to 1.8 mil­lions if we con­si­der the con­se­quent work na­me­ly trans­por­ta on, ac­com­mo­da on, ca­te­ring. Ba­sed on stu­dies con­duc­ted al­so in our Coun­try and that find con­fir­ma on in the re­cent in­ter­na onal tra­de ana­ly­sis, con­duc­ted by UFI world­wi­de, 1 eu­ro, in­ve­sted in fairs, ge­ne­ra­tes 2 eu­ros of di­rect con­se­quent work and 8 eu­ros of in­di­rect con­se­quent work. In short, it’s clear that we are tal­king about a “bu­si­ness” whi­ch in­vol­ves or can in­vol­ve dif­fe­rent tou­ri­st and lo­gis c en­ter­pri­ses, but not on­ly. And, on the oc­ca­sion of the ce­le­bra on day, al­so AEFI (Ita­lian Ex­hi­bi on and Tra­de Fair As­so­cia on) has con­si­de­red to sta­ge in Ro­me, in the won­der­ful sce­ne­ry of Adria­no Tem­ple Room in the Ca­pi­to­li­na Cham­ber of Com­mer­ce, a big event on the su­b­ject of the eco­no­mic ca­pa­ci­ty of the ex­po in­du­stry and en tled in­deed “The streng­th of Ita­lian Fairs”.

Sprea­ding out our ex­cel­len­ces

The fir­st to speak was the Pre­si­dent of AEFI, E ore Riel­lo: «Eve­ry year, all over the world, the­re are 31,000 fair even­ts that in­vol­ve 260 mil­lion of vi­si­tors and 4,400,000 ex­hi­bi ng com­pa­nies. A set ng whe­re we may say proud­ly that Ita­ly is one of the main cha­rac­ters: in fact, it’s at se­cond pla­ce in Eu­ro­pe and four­th in the world s ll to­day. Wi­th ap­pro­xi­ma­te­ly 1,000 plan­ned even­ts by the end of 2018, whe­re 209 of them are in­ter­na onal, the in­du­stry plays an im­por­tant ro­le in the Ita­lian eco­no­my. Re­gar­ding the Ita­lian eco­no­my we might say wi­th cer­tain­ty that Ita­lian fairs are al­rea­dy ex­traor­di­na­ry as­se­ts: it’s suf­fi­cient to say that they ge­ne­ra­te a bu­si­ness of €60 bil­lion and gi­ve ri­se to 50% of the ex­port for Ita­lian com­pa­nies a en­ding the­se even­ts. Mo­reo­ver, fairs are a fun­da­men­tal tool for the de­ve­lo­p­ment of the 75,3% of small and me­dium si­zed Ita­lian en­ter­pri­ses. Ho­we­ver, it would be re­duc ve – as un­der­li­ned by Riel­lo – to di­scuss the ro­le of fairs, in Ita­ly and world­wi­de, con­si­de­ring on­ly the eco­no­mic aspect. The wor­th of their work goes far beyond and it con­tri­bu­tes to the sprea­ding of our va­lues, ex­cel­len­cies and Ita­lian crea vi­ty, whi­ch the who­le world en­vies us. That’s the rea­son why this World Day of Fairs re­pre­sen­ts al­so an op­por­tu­ni­ty to ta­ke stock of the si­tua on of a so­lid in­du­stry that, in ad­di on, of­fers nu­me­rous ca­reer op­por­tu­ni es. An in­du­stry in con­stant evo­lu on, whi­ch, de­spi­te so­me dif­fi­cul es, it’s able to be in­no­va ve and to in­no­va­te, to adapt to the mar­ket and to

con­su­mers chan­ges, to ta­ke the op­por­tu­ni es of­fe­red by di­gi­tal world in or­der to ex­tend the event beyond the ex­hi­bi on mo­ment. It mu­st be ad­ded that, ac­cor­ding to UFI, mo­re than the 70% of the di­stric­ts and of the event or­ga­ni­sers is de­ve­lo­ping new ac vi es ju­st to meet the needs of a con­stan­tly chan­ging mar­ket, al­so and espe­cial­ly in geo­po­li cal terms. The pro­tec oni­sm esca­la on ri­sks pe­na­li­sing our eco­no­my, that gro­ws in this mo­ment thanks to ex­port sa­les, wi­th ma­noeu­vres that might af­fect the ex­port for 3 poin­ts. It’s enou­gh to con­si­der that on­ly wi­th Iran, wi­th whi­ch we we­re among the fir­st to si­gn a pro­to­col of in­tent, our Coun­try has se­ve­ral bil­lion of ex­port at ri­sk. In this glo­bal per­spec ve is ho­we­ver un­de­nia­ble that fairs are a boo­ster for our en­ter­pri­ses and eco­no­my. We as AEFI ha­ve al­ways sup­por­ted the ne­ces­si­ty to “crea­te a sy­stem” in Ita­ly in or­der to be strong and com­pe ve. In this sen­se we coo­pe­ra­te wi­th as­so­cia ons and or­ga­ni­sa ons bo­th at na onal and in­ter­na­ onal le­vel wi­th the aim of buil­ding al­lian­ces to crea­te sy­ner­gies. For this rea­son – con­clu­ded Riel­lo –, AEFI is in­crea­sin­gly ac ve in ini a ves ai­med at the in­ter­na ona­li­sa on of fairs and of com­pa­nies a en­ding them, thanks to the job of a de­di­ca­ted “Com­mis­sion”, sei­zing new op­por­tu­ni es on the glo­bal mar­ket and adap ng itself wi­th fle­xi­bi­li­ty to a pro­found­ly chan­ging con­text. Along wi­th ins tu onal and im­por­tant part­ners su­ch as the Agen­zia ICE, SACE and SIMEST, we be­lie­ve that fairs re­pre­sent a big gro­w­th op­por­tu­ni­ty. This is espe­cial­ly true in su­ch a com­plex me for our Ma­de in Ita­ly, that has a long way to go to ac­tua­li­se its full po­ten al». «The ICE’s re­port wi­th the Ita­lian sy­stem of fairs», Pre­si­dent of Agen­zia ICE said in this re­gard Mi­che­le Scan­na­vi­ni, «are and con nue to be a prio­ri­ty axis of pro­mo on whi­ch sup­ports the in­ter­na­li­sa on of small and me­dium si­zed Ita­lian en­ter­pri­ses. In 2017, the ICE has sup­por­ted 50 fairs, the mo­st re­pre­sen­ta ve of Ma­de in Ita­ly in their re­spec ve sec­tors, in­vol­ving 5,700 fo­rei­gn ope­ra­tors and or­ga­ni­sing 52,000 b2b mee ngs. This year the tar­get will be to ex­ceed 6 thou­sand fo­rei­gn ope­ra­tors wi­th an up­gra­ding of bu­si­ness mee ngs num­bers. We al­so coun ng on the coo­pe­ra on wi­th sin­gle even­ts to im­pro­ve their vi­si­bi­li­ty abroad».

Evol­ving and at the fo­re­front

Du­ring the event “The streng­th of Ita­lian Fairs” the re­port pre­pa­red ad hoc by ex­perts of The Uni­ver­si­ty of Mi­lan and en tled “Ita­lian fairs as cen­ter for laun­ching crea vi­ty and ta­lent” was in­tro­du­ced to the spe­cia­lists and the sta­ke­hol­ders of this in­du­stry. This re­sear­ch was cu ng ed­ge and it was do­ne by the Giu­lio

Sa­pel­li, full pro­fes­sor ha­ving the chair of Hi­sto­ry of Eco­no­mics in the Mi­la­ne­se athe­naeum. Star ng from a pic­tu­re of the cur­rent ma­croe­co­no­mic con­text, it has sho­wed the im­por­tan­ce of fairs ro­le in a geo­po­li cal con­text that is con nuou­sly evol­ving. «The Ita­lian eco­no­my», said Sa­pel­li, «has

al­ways gro­wn thanks to dy­na­mi­sm of fairs. The in­du­strial de­ve­lo­p­ment rea­ched the top in the ear­ly twen eth cen­tu­ry in li­ne wi­th the suc­cess of the so­cal­led na onal ex­hi­bi ons. In ad­di on, the crea on of fair net­works has al­ways coin­ci­ded wi­th the gro­w­th of our eco­no­mic and ter­ri­to­rial sy­stems. Then, the de­ve­lo­p­ment of small and me­dium si­zed en­ter­pri­ses, struc­tu­ral­ly in­vol­ved wi­th the on­going tech­no­lo­gi­cal re­vo­lu on in the ma­te­rial goods and ca­pi­tals tra­de, saw the Ita­lian fairs in the front row to gua­ran­tee the re­si­lien­ce of our eco­no­my. This is the key the­me: Ita­ly has wi­th­stood the glo­bal cri­sis and has held its po­si on in the se­cu­lar de­fla on star­ted wi­th the cri­sis of the fir­st de­ca­de of 2000. This was ma­de pos­si­ble thanks to the con nui­ty that has been gua­ran­teed bet­ween pro­duc on, mar­ke ng, ex­chan­ge of pro­duc­ts ow­ner of our en­ter­pri­ses and espe­cial­ly thanks to the fair sy­stem. A mul mo­dal sy­stem, wi­th ter­ri­to­rial spe­cia­li­sa ons and com­mer­cial di­ver­si­fi­ca ons whi­ch en­su­re the coe­xi­sten­ce of mul di­men­sio­nal and se­ve­ral fair for­ma­ts». In the sub­se­quent de­ba­te im­por­tant agen­ts of the Ita­lian fair in­du­stry, su­ch as

Fa­bri­zio Cur­ci, Chief Exe­cu ve Of­fi­cer of Fie­ra Mi­la­no, ha­ve spo­ken. He exa­mi­ned the clo­se link bet­ween fair and ci­ty, de­fi­ned as a sta­ge of even­ts, whi­ch is able to en­cou­ra­ge crea vi­ty at in­ter­na onal le­vel: « Our fi­ve years plan is ba­sed, for exam­ple, on the so­li­di­ty of bu­si­ness mo­del, on the cha­rac­te­ris c of the ex­cel­len­ce of Fie­ra Mi­la­no, that are fur­ther streng­the­ned by in­vest­men­ts on di­strict, and al­so on the a rac ve­ness of Mi­lan and its in­ter­na ona­li­ty. We will fo­cus on the or­ga­nic gro­w­th of even­ts, on im­pro­ving the ac­cess to ser­vi­ces and on the ef­fi­cien­cy of costs. Then, ano­ther fun­da­men­tal is­sue of the plan will be the en­han­ce­ment of our hu­man re­sour­ces, an in­di­spen­sa­ble ele­ment for the achie­ve­ment of pre­fi­xed ob­jec ves». Fi­nal­ly, ac­cor­ding to Lo­ren­zo Ca­gno­ni, Pre­si­dent of Ri­mi­ni Fie­re: «The who­le Ita­lian fair sy­stem should be co­he­si­ve to aim at a real sup­port by the Go­vern­ment, pro­mo ng the Ita­lian pro­duct in the world, in the sug­ges ve se ng of our Coun­try. Ita­ly is a ma­nu­fac­tu­ring, agra­rian and ar san Coun­try: in this con­text fairs con­tri­bu­te to gi­ve a to­tal ima­ge of sec­tors in­te­gra ng the tra­di on of pro­duc­ts to the ex­cel­len­ce of tech­no­lo­gy, thus, cha­rac­te­ri­sing the pres ge of Ma­de in Ita­ly. All that re­mains for us to do is to con­cen­tra­te, spea­king in work terms, on ma­king fairs and con­fe­ren­ces whi­ch may be able to re­laun­ch even mo­re the Coun­try and its eco­no­my».

Ogni an­no nel mon­do van­no in sce­na 31mi­la fie­re che coin­vol­go­no 260 mi­lio­ni di vi­si­ta­to­ri. Eve­ry year, all over the world, the­re are 31.000 fairs that in­vol­ve 260 mil­lion of vi­si­tors

So­no 200 le fie­re in­ter­na­zio­na­li che si fa­ran­no in Ita­lia nel 2019. For 2019 the in­ter­na onal fairs plan­ned in Ita­ly are 200

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