BT­con­gress Even­ts, the chal­len­ge of the fu­tu­re

Wi­th 35 years of suc­cess, BT­con­gress is to­day an in­no­va­ti­ve part­ner for a qua­li­ty Mi­ce on the Ita­lian and in­ter­na­tio­nal mar­ket

Master Meeting - - MONDO IMPRESA - By Da­rio Du­cas­se

An im­por­tant na­me in the field of even­ts sin­ce 1981, in 2017 Bio­me­di­cal Tech­no­lo­gies de­ci­ded to re­new its ima­ge, but cer­tain­ly not to de­ny its hi­sto­ry, crea ng a new brand – BT­con­gress – whi­ch com­bi­nes the ex­pe­rien­ce of over 35 years of suc­cess wi­th in­no­va on, to­day an in­di­spen­sa­ble ele­ment even for the mo­st im­por­tant pro­fes­sio­nals in the con­fe­ren­ce and MI­CE sec­tor. « If the cur­rent is ta­king you whe­re you want to go, do not fight it», ex­plai­ned the fa­mous scien­ce fic on wri­ter Isaac Asi­mov, and this seems to be the ca­se wi­th BT­con­gress, a com­pa­ny that has been com­mi ed to or­ga­ni­zing mea­ning­ful even­ts sin­ce its foun­da on, even­ts ca­pa­ble of ha­ving a po­si ve and use­ful im­pact on the li­ves of the peo­ple who par ci­pa­te in them. In other words, crea ng even­ts ca­pa­ble of brin­ging va­lue as well as ac ve­ly con­tri­bu ng to the cul­tu­ral de­ve­lo­p­ment and well­being of all its part­ners. From this point of view, as Ma­ria Gra­zia Vac­ca told us, CEO of BT­con­gress and foun­ding mem­ber of the hi­sto­ric Bio­me­di­cal Tech­no­lo­gies, the re­no­va on of tra­di on that took pla­ce in 2017 is no­thing other than car­ry­ing for­ward the sa­me work ethic using the­mes and tools that are a mo­re di­rect ex­pres­sion of the di­gi­tal mes we li­ve in to­day. «We ha­ve al­ways be­lie­ved that our fu­tu­re is stron­gly lin­ked to the pro­spe­ri­ty of our part­ners and clien­ts, and for this we are con­stan­tly fo­cu­sed on of­fe­ring them cu ng­ed­ge and tai­lor­ma­de ser­vi­ces. And if ye­ster­day as Bio­me­di­cal Tech­no­lo­gies we we­re mo­stly the point of re­fe­ren­ce of the big me­di­cal­scien fic com­pa­nies for the crea on of their mo­st im­por­tant even­ts, to­day as BT­con­gress we al­so ad­dress the com­plex MI­CE mar­ket to whi­ch we of­fer the great ad­ded va­lue of com­bi­ning know­how and crea vi­ty wi­th in­no­va on, wi­thout ne­glec ng the di­gi­tal aspect: it is al­so fun­da­men­tal to keep your

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