Win­ning com­bi­na­tion of de­si­gn and tou­ri­sm

Thanks to in­no­va­tion and de­si­gn, to­day, ho­tels don’t re­spond on­ly to a con­su­mer de­mand but they al­so be­co­me a sho­w­ca­se for the ta­ste and the crea­ti­vi­ty of ma­de in Ita­ly

Master Meeting - - TREND - Na­io, Ho­tel Re­loa­ded, Gian Mar­co Cen ­ by TI­co

The Ita­lian de­si­gn ge­ne­ral­ly is key fac­tor in the de­ve­lo­p­ment of ho­tel in­du­stry and tou­ri­sm. This and other su­b­jec­ts we­re di­scus­sed in Ro­me, at the event or­ga­ni­sed this fall by As­so­cia­zio­ne Ita­lia­na Con­fin­du­stria Al­ber­ghi and Fe­der­le­gnoAr­re­do. The mi­ni­ster of Agri­cul­tu­ral, Fo­re­stry Po­li­cies and Tou­ri­sm,

spo­ke about the op­por­tu­ni­ty to en­han­ce a clo­se sy­ner­gy bet­ween the sup­ply chain of tou­ri­sm and en­tre­pre­neur­ship, fo­cu­sing on the “qua­li­ty” of Ma­de in Ita­ly and on the “beau­ty” of the Ita­lian ter­ri­to­ry. He a en­ded the event wi­th Ema­nue­le Or­si­ni, Pre­si­dent of Fe­der­le­gnoAr­re­do, Gior­gio Pal­muc­ci, pre­si­dent of As­so­cia­zio­ne Ita­lia­na Con­fin­du­stria Al­ber­ghi, Do­me­ni­co Stu­ra­bo of Fon­da­zio­ne Sym­bo­la, Mar­co Pi­va of Stu­dio Mar­co Pi­va, Ar­nal­do Aiol­fi of Club Med, So­fia Gio­ia Ve­da­ni of Pla­ne­ta­ria Ho­tels. The Mi­ni­ster reaf­fir­med go­vern­ment’s com­mit­ment to sup­port Tax Cre­dit for the re­struc­tu­ring and the re­clas­si­fi­ca on of the ho­tel in­du­stry, «as long as they are

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