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De­par­ting and let­ting go of one’s ten­sions seems a com­bi­na­tion that can on­ly be at­tai­ned when we ta­ke a lei­su­re trip. In rea­li­ty ho­we­ver, lit­tle mea­su­res can be adop­ted to sha­pe new ha­bi­ts ca­pa­ble of achie­ving plea­sant tran­sfor­ma­tions. Let’s di­sco­ver whic

Master Meeting - - BENESSERE - By Ro­ber­ta Chion­ne

Strict wor­king rhy­thms and re­spon­si­bi­li es seem to pre­clu­de any pos­si­bi­li­ty of ta­king ca­re of one­self, lea­ding to the wrong be­lief that it is a wa­ste of me ra­ther than a choi­ce that can ma­ke us per­form be er, as well as feel heal­thier and mo­re re­la­xed. Thus, we should nou­ri­sh our­sel­ves wi­th lo­ve even du­ring a wor­king day by con­sciou­sly choo­sing what we as­si­mi­la­te th­rou­gh food, ima­ges and sounds. Let’s li­sten to the si­gnals of the bo­dy and ma­ke use of that po­wer­ful tool cal­led brea­thing. « The mo­st pre­cious gi we can gi­ve to anyo­ne is our a en on

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