Are in­fluen­cers real­ly hel­ping lu­xu­ry ho­tels?

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Wi­th the ri­se of In­sta­gram from 200 mil­lion users in 2014 to one bil­lion users in 2018, in­fluen­cers are car­ving out an in­crea­sin­gly im­por­tant ro­le for them­sel­ves in ho­tel mar­ke ng. The ques on re­mains, ho­we­ver, as to how far In­sta­gram real­ly in­fluen­ces the choi­ce of a ho­tel and re­sort. The main fac­tor, it would seem, whi­ch de­ter­mi­nes the ef­fec ve­ness of a com­mu­ni­ca ons cam­pai­gn whi­ch in­vol­ves so­cal­led in­fluen­cers de­pends, to a great ex­tent, on the de­mo­gra­phic tar­ge­ts of the ho­tel itself. Re­cent stu­dies, in fact, show that mil­len­nials espe­cial­ly book their stays ba­sed on so­cial plat­forms. The­re is no doubt, then, that In­sta­gram and other so­cial me­dia chan­nels ha­ve a spe­ci­fic va­lue for ho­tels whi­ch want to ap­proa­ch this tar­get, kno­wing ful­ly well that mil­len­nials are not yet (and who kno­ws if they will be as they get ol­der) the re­fe­ren­ce mar­ket for lu­xu­ry, up­sca­le and up­per­up­sca­le ho­tels. The va­st ma­jo­ri­ty of them are, in fact, s ll far from ha­ving the spen­ding po­wer re­qui­red to get any­whe­re near the com­fort of a 5­star ho­tel. On the hand, ho­we­ver, it is the lu­xu­ry and ex­clu­si­ve ho­tels and se ngs that in­fluen­cers mo­st fre­quen­tly seek out. This mi­sa­li­gn­ment of ele­men­ts (vir­tual pro­mo­ters and tar­get pri­ce of tra­vel­lers) is promp ng ma­ny ho­tels to ca­re­ful­ly as­sess the va­lue and con­tri­bu on of in­fluen­cers. A re­cent ar cle pu­bli­shed in the pres gious ma­ga­zi­ne, “The Atlan c”, sho­ws that, out of a sam­ple of ho­tels mo­ni­to­red, up to twen­ty re­quests per day ar­ri­ve from in­fluen­cers whi­ch of­fer to share the lu­xu­ry ho­tel ex­pe­rien­ce. Due to the lar­ge num­ber of re­quests and me re­qui­red to check and coor­di­na­te the­se stays, ma­ny ho­tels are sim­ply eli­mi­na ng so­cial me­dia com­ple­te­ly from their com­mu­ni­ca on and pro­mo onal chan­nels. The ca­se of a de­nial by a re­no­w­ned lu­xu­ry ho­tel in Du­blin is now fa­mous when it re­jec­ted an in­fluen­cer try­ing to scroun­ge a room for Va­len ne’s Day in ex­chan­ge for pho­tos and vi­deos whi­ch would ha­ve ad­ver sed the ho­tel. In short, the va­lue of the­se part­ner­ships s ll needs to find true re­demp on. Abo­ve and beyond a ri­se in views and en­ga­ge­men­ts on In­sta­gram, no­one has yet seen an in­crea­se in room re­ser­va ons or traf­fic di­rec­ted to the ho­tel’s own web­si­te. For lu­xu­ry ho­tels who ap­proa­ch In­sta­gram as an ex­hi­bi on pla orm, the goal mu­st be to in­crea­se the

“de­si­ra­bi­li­ty of the brand” among aspi­ra onal tra­vel­lers... a gro­wing seg­ment among the young as well. Fo­cu­sing on the pre­sent, ho­we­ver, lu­xu­ry ho­tels need re­pea­ters, but al­so to reap the ef­fec­ts of in­fluen­cers, wi­thout fal­ling for col­la­bo­ra ons whi­ch ha­ve no ef­fect. The va­lue of the­se part­ner­ships re­qui­res ho­tel ma­na­gers to be se­lec ve and to re­mem­ber that they can­not ex­pect an im­me­dia­te re­turn on in­vest­ment from in­fluen­cers, no ma er how po­pu­lar they are.

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