From ho­tel to Con­d­ho­tel: a stra­te­gic choi­ce or a tac c?

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The con­d­ho­tel is the new (for Ita­ly) tou­ri­sm struc­tu­re that com­bi­nes ho­tel rooms wi­th big­ger fur­ni­shed apart­men­ts for pur­cha­se as ho­li­day ho­mes or rent on an ou­tsour­cing con­tract and ma­na­ged by the sa­me ho­tel. A hy­brid in other words whi­ch, un­be­k­no­wn to pu­blic ad­mi­ni­stra­tors or ho­te­liers, can­not be of sea­so­nal na­tu­re be­cau­se it mu­st gua­ran­tee com­mu­nal ser­vi­ces for apart­ment ow­ners. Ho­we­ver, if the in­ter­na onal re­gu­la ons (abo­ve all in the USA and Spain) are clear, in Ita­ly, on the con­tra­ry, the con­d­ho­tel pro­ject ap­pears to be sh­rou­ded in thick, o en ju­di­cial fog. A er the en­try in­to for­ce of the Ita­lian De­cree of the Pre­si­dent of the Coun­cil of Mi­ni­sters whi­ch ap­pro­ved the start of the con­d­ho­tel, ea­ch re­gion is, in fact, try­ing to le­gi­sla­te on the su­b­ject by im­ple­men ng its own re­gu­la ons wi­thout pro­per na onal coor­di­na on (as usual­ly oc­curs for the clas­si­fi­ca on of stars). What is bla­tan­tly clear is that the con­d­ho­tel for­mu­la should be used to over­co­me the exis ng ho­tel con­straint (ty­pi­cal of Ita­ly) whi­ch pe­na­li­ses nu­me­rous, even lar­ge but da­ted, ho­tels pre­sent main­ly (but not on­ly) on Ita­lian coasts and in ma­tu­re tou­ri­st des na ons. It is a po­ten al­ly va­st mar­ket at whi­ch the le­gi­sla on is loo­king, of­fe­ring the op­por­tu­ni­ty for re­ha­bi­li­ta on, real esta­te re­de­ve­lo­p­ment and the start of a spe­cu­la ve pha­se, as well as for ho­tel ma­na­ge­ment. Beyond the ob­vious cri cal is­sues in na onal le­gi­sla on, writ­ten in a hur­ry by inex­pe­rien­ced tra­de unio­nists in­tent on free­ing ho­te­liers from the ho­tel con­straint, it should be ho­ped that fu­tu­re re­gio­nal re­gu­la ons will pro­tect the lo­gi­cal goal of the con­d­ho­tel to, fir­st and fo­re­mo­st, re­de­ve­lop the of­fer of ho­tel ac­com­mo­da on. The re­gu­la ons mu­st in­cor­po­ra­te the for­mu­la and spi­rit of the le­gi­sla­tor who did not want to re­pla­ce ho­tels wi­th con­do­mi­niums or even flood tou­ri­st re­sorts wi­th tou­ri­st and/or re­si­den al apart­men­ts that could crea­te fur­ther pro­blems of na onal ima­ge. The con­d­ho­tel mu­st be seen as a ma­na­ge­ment­ma­na­ge­rial so­lu on for a li­mi­ted and se­lec­ted num­ber of ca­ses that mu­st en­su­re and gua­ran­tee a. ma­na­ge­ment con nui­ty and all the ser­vi­ces of a full­ser­vi­ce ho­tel to the buyers of the ac­com­mo­da on uni­ts; b. suf­fi­cient re­sour­ces to the ho­tel ow­ners to adapt the qua­li­ty of their ho­spi­ta­li­ty to the ex­pec­ta ons of the in­ter­na onal mar­ket. It is an ac­com­mo­da on mo­del that, ac­cor­ding to our as­sess­men­ts and ex­per se, can on­ly work when the ho­tel struc­tu­re is lar­ge enou­gh to build apart­men­ts, whil­st main­tai­ning ap­pro­xi­ma­te­ly 3,000 squa­re me­ters to gua­ran­tee a fur­ther six­ty full­ser­vi­ce rooms. Be­cau­se six­ ty rooms is the es­sen al ac­com­mo­da on quo­ta to sup­port the eco­no­mic im­pact of a ho­tel wi­th re­stau­rant/s open all year. On­ly wi­th the­se me­thods can we gua­ran­tee the kind of ser­vi­ces ca­pa­ble of a rac ng qua­li­ty tou­rists and ge­ne­ra­te ad­ded va­lue for the apart­men­ts. It should not be for­go en that it is the ho­tel wi­th its full ser­vi­ces that is the mo­st im­por­tant part of the pro­ject and that re­du­cing its qua­li­ty and ser­vi­ces would crea­te an im­me­dia­te le­gal di­spu­te bet­ween tho­se who sold parts of con­d­ho­tel and tho­se who bought shares of ho­tel ho­spi­ta­li­ty.

It goes wi­thout say­ing that the apart­men­ts mu­st be fur­ni­shed in the sa­me man­ner as the ho­tel ac­com­mo­da on, so that they can be used in op mal con­di ons bo­th by the ow­ner of the unit and by the ho­tel ma­na­ger who, as esta­bli­shed by law, can be en­tru­sted “over me” to coor­di­na­te the fea­tu­res of the ho­tel’s rooms/sui­tes. In a nu­tshell, it is clear that the cor­rect stan­dard that ma­kes it pos­si­ble, fea­si­ble and eco­no­mi­cal­ly su­stai­na­ble to crea­te a con­d­ho­tel is that of 5­star ho­tels or al­ter­na ve­ly the 4­star su­per, be­cau­se they ha­ve the ex­per se, men­ta­li­ty and abi­li­ty to of­fer the ser­vi­ces re­qui­red by the ow­ners of the re­si­den­ces. It is, in fact, sa­fe to say that the­se peo­ple are af­fluent, well­off and de­man­ding in terms of food, sche­du­les and equi­p­ment and that they would ne­ver con­tem­pla­te buy­ing an apart­ment at pri­ces over ten thou­sand eu­ros per squa­re me­ter if the­re was any ques on of pos­si­ble di­srup on or the tem­po­ra­ry need to cook, do the di­shes and laun­dry. Ba­si­cal­ly, you buy a con­d­ho­tel apart­ment to en­joy a hi­gh le­vel of ser­vi­ce in your own se­cond (or third) re­si­den­ce avai­la­ble th­rou­ghout the year.

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