The up­turn in oc­cu­pan­cy and pri­ces for Ita­lian ho­tels ha­ve been con­so­li­da­ted in the fir­st ni­ne mon­ths

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The fi­nal pha­se of the year sho­ws a fair­ly po­si ve si­tua on: a er an ex­cel­lent 2017, in fact, the over­view pro­du­ced by the Ita­lian Ho­tel Mo­ni­tor sho­ws a con­so­li­da­ted per­for­man­ce of ho­tels in 39 ma­jor Ita­lian ci es in the fir­st 9 mon­ths of 2018. From Ja­nua­ry to Sep­tem­ber, the room oc­cu­pan­cy ra­te of up­sca­le ca­te­go­ry Ita­lian ho­tels grew by 1.6 poin­ts com­pa­red to 2017 whi­le the ave­ra­ge dai­ly room ra­te rea­ched 116.63 Eu­ros (+0.3%). An in­dep­th look at the trend in oc­cu­pan­cy, wi­th a na onal ave­ra­ge fi­gu­re of 72%, means we can re­port that no less than 10 ci es re­cor­ded a Room Oc­cu­pan­cy ( R.O.) over the 70% th­re­shold, a re­cord trend sup­por­ted by the fact that on­ly th­ree ci es re­cor­ded a do­wn­turn in R.O. In par cu­lar, the up­turn was led by: Flo­ren­ce (77.6% of RO), Ro­me ( 77.2%), Mi­lan ( 75.0%), Na­ples ( 74.4%), Sie­na (72.9%), Ge­noa (72.2%), Ber­ga­mo (72.1%), Ve­ni­ce ( 71.6%), Pa­ler­mo (70.4%) and Ca­ta­nia (70.2%). Ove­rall, 30 ci es bro­ke th­rou­gh the 60% bar­rier of R.O., an in­di­ca­tor of ma­na­ge­ment ro­bust­ness. The Ita­lian Ho­tel Mo­ni­tor ana­ly­sis sho­ws, the­re­fo­re, ex­cel­lent pro­gress in the Ita­lian ho­tel mar­ket, whi­ch is uni­form across the main areas of the coun­try, wi­th no ci­ty be­low a 50% oc­cu­pan­cy ra­te. A er a re­cord year for tou­ri­sm li­ke 2017, the­se fi­gu­res un­der­li­ne the po­si ve trend in the Ita­lian tou­ri­st mar­ket whi­ch, a er the fir­st ni­ne mon­ths of 2018, has re­cor­ded a fur­ther in­crea­se in the flow of tou­rists bo­th na onal­ly and in­ter­na onal­ly. A po­si ve trend al­so for the ave­ra­ge room pri­ce whi­ch stands at 116.63 Eu­ros, wi­th th­ree­di­git Ave­ra­ge Dai­ly Ra­tes (ADR) in 9 ci es: Ve­ni­ce (154.28 Eu­ros and the hi­ghe­st ave­ra­ge ra­te over the 9 mon­ths), Mi­lan (133.55 Eu­ros), Flo­ren­ce (132.83 Eu­ros), Ro­me (123.36 Eu­ros), Co­mo (118.16 Eu­ros), Tu­rin (113.19 Eu­ros), Na­ples (109.90 Eu­ros), Ge­noa (103.91 Eu­ros), Bo­lo­gna (101.94 Eu­ros). The in­crea­ses wor­thy of men on, com­pa­red to 2017, are: Tren­to (+ 3.6%), Bo­lo­gna (+ 3.2%), An­co­na (+ 3.1%). A clo­ser look at the ca­te­go­ries sho­ws a halt in the gro­w­th of lu­xu­ry ho­tels wi­th a drop of 0.3 room oc­cu­pan­cy poin­ts com­pa­red to a + 0.1% ave­ra­ge sel­ling pri­ce. The mid­sca­le seg­ment trend is po­si ve: +0.8 per­cent for room oc­cu­pan­cy and +0,2% in ADR.

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