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Di­sco­ver the 52 Steel. Per­fect ba­lan­ce bet­ween vo­lu­me and ele­gan­ce. This is Sanlorenzo’s uni­que ap­proa­ch in the world of su­pe­rya­ch­ts. The 52Steel’s sleek and pu­re li­nes em­bra­ce a mo­re than ge­ne­rous spa­ce: the trans­pa­rent swim­ming pool, the floo­da­ble 8-me­ter ten­der ga­ra­ge con­ver­ti­ble in­to a hu­ge lu­xu­ry bea­ch area at sea le­vel, the six spa­cious ca­bins, eve­ry­thing has been de­si­gned wi­th the hi­ghe­st stan­dards of beau­ty and re­fi­ne­ment, whi­ch marks Sanlorenzo’s know-how. Wi­th mo­re than 30 su­pe­rya­ch­ts al­rea­dy built and de­li­ve­red, we will cer­tain­ly be able to ful­fil your ex­pec­ta­tions to­ge­ther. As hi­gh as they may be.

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