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In the af­ter­ma­th of Eu­ro­pe’s event­ful ya­cht show sea­son, Ba­gliet­to is laun­ching a new V-li­ne, ma­de up of mo­tor yachts bet­ween 40 and 55 me­tres fea­tu­ring mo­dern ver­ti­cal bo­ws. To­ge­ther wi­th Fran­ce­sco Pasz­ko­w­ski De­si­gn and Hot Lab the­re’s a third con­tri­bu­tor to the new V-li­ne who wa­sn’t men­tio­ned as the pre­ce­ding two at the la­te­st Mo­na­co Ya­cht Show, that is Stu­dio San­ta Ma­ria Ma­gnol­fi ow­ned by Fe­dri­co San­ta Ma­ria and Va­len­ti­na Ma­gnol­fi, who’s al­rea­dy wor­ked wi­th Hot Lab on two new pro­jec­ts one of 41 me­tres and the other of 50. “The pa­st few mon­ths ha­ve been un­der­sco­red by a con­si­de­ra­ble quic­ke­ning of the who­le pro­duc­tion re­newal pro­cess wi­thout fo­re­going our tra­di­tion – says Mi­che­le Ga­vi­no Ba­gliet­to’s MD – we wan­ted to flank new young de­si­gners ca­pa­ble of in­ter­pre­ting our brand wi­th a new fre­sh look, to our de­si­gna­ted de­si­gner Fran­ce­sco Pasz­ko­w­ski whi­le main­tai­ning the long la­sting tie the brand has wi­th its glo­rious pa­st and its cur­rent iden­ti­ty”. Taught ed­gy li­nes cha­rac­te­ri­ze this new 41 me­tre. The ex­te­riors fea­tu­re grand com­mon areas to­tal­ling 300 squa­re me­tres split over th­ree decks. The sun deck has a sur­fa­ce area of about 60 squa­re me­tres and is equip­ped wi­th sun beds and sun pads. The up­per deck fet­ches about 155 squa­re me­tres. The in­te­riors fea­tu­re hu­ge floor to cei­ling gla­zed sli­ding doors. Mo­reo­ver the loun­ge/sa­loon area si­tua­ted along mu­ch of the main deck has been de­vi­sed to lea­ve room enou­gh to pla­ce the di­ning room area amid­ships but wi­th the pos­si­bi­li­ty of ex­ploi­ting it, as tra­di­tion has it, ‘in­si­de’ or as a spa­ce con­nec­ting to the deck ou­tsi­de by sli­ding back the gla­zed floor to cei­ling doors whi­ch se­pa­ra­te it from the coc­k­pit. The­re­fo­re the loun­ge/sa­loon

area pro­per has been op­ti­mi­zed and ex­ploi­ted bet­ter by pla­cing it fur­ther to­wards the bo­ws. “The pro­ject de­si­gn work – says Federico San­ta Ma­ria - for this 41 me­tre en­tai­led re­cap­tu­ring so­me hi­sto­ric Ba­gliet­to ele­men­ts su­ch as two cir­cu­lar ports along the top­si­des whi­ch re­call the fa­med 20M or the cur­ved glass pa­nels of the wheel hou­se whi­ch re­call the fir­st Ischia mo­del, whi­le main­tai­ning that uni­que un­wa­ve­ring spi­rit whi­ch has con­tri­bu­ted in ma­king this brand so ve­ry special th­rou­gh se­ve­ral de­ca­des”. The hull li­nes for eve­ry mo­del are car­ried out by Ba­gliet­to’s technical de­part­ment. All mo­tor yachts be­low 500 GRT will be po­we­red by a pair of Cat C32 ACERT die­sels whi­ch will de­li­ver a top speed of 15 kno­ts and a crui­sing one of 11. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Ba­gliet­to; Viale San Bar­to­lo­meo 414, 19126 La Spe­zia; tel. +39 0187 59831, fax 0187 564765;­gliet­ - ba­gliet­to@ba­gliet­

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