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The Bal­duc­ci’s are the proud ow­ners of Grup­po Over­ma­ri­ne whi­ch has been ob­tai­ning ex­cel­lent re­sul­ts. The com­pa­ny ranks se­ven­th in terms of the to­tal leng­th of yachts sold wi­th an astoun­ding 771.16 me­tres.their or­der book cur­ren­tly re­pre­sen­ts 134,200,000 Eu­ro.the fo­re­ca­sted tur­no­ver for 2016/2017 is equal to 89,000,000 Eu­ro.the re­sul­ts ob­tai­ned are proof enou­gh of win­ning com­pa­ny po­li­cies and mar­ke­ting stra­te­gy whi­ch en­tails de­ve­lo­ping mo­re the fir­st sec­tor, that is the Ma­xi Open yachts one, whi­ch is whe­re the com­pa­ny ta­kes the lion’s share ran­king num­ber one. Fur­ther­mo­re in­vest­men­ts ha­ve been ma­de in new areas, the­re­by fo­re­run­ning what the mar­ket will be re­que­sting in the near fu­tu­re. Af­ter ha­ving se­cu­red a con­si­de­ra­ble po­si­tio­ning in the di­spla­cing Explorer mo­dels seg­ment wi­th 42 me­tre Man­gu­sta Ocea­no whi­ch well in­ter­pre­ts bo­th its un­mi­sta­kea­ble looks as well as the mar­ket’s la­te­st trends was fir­st pre­sen­ted at the la­te­st Can­nes Ya­ch­ting Fe­sti­val. Grup­po Over­ma­ri­ne is now de­ve­lo­ping their fa­st di­spla­ce­ment range ori­gi­nal­ly pre­sen­ted as con­cept de­si­gns on­ly two years ago.the ve­ry fir­st mo­del pre­sen­ted as con­cept de­si­gn was the Gran Sport 54 whi­ch is cur­ren­tly being built at the Pi­sa pre­mi­ses and is sche­du­led for de­li­ve­ry in the cour­se of summer 2018. De­si­gner Alberto Man­ci­ni drew up this mo­del as well as the Ocea­no 42. In Fran­ce­sco Fre­dia­ni’s own words – the Group’s Sa­les Di­rec­tor: “In the au­to­mo­ti­ve sec­tor, the na­me Gran­sport means a hi­gh per­for­man­ce, and ex­cel­lent on­board com­fort. In or­der to stu­dy this new li­ne we star­ted wi­th tho­se ve­ry prin­ci­ples, ad­ding spe­ci­fi­cal­ly nau­ti­cal-re­la­ted technical fea­tu­res su­ch as ex­ten­si­ve range”. Alberto Man­ci­ni went on to add: ““Af­ter the ini­tial brie­fing, I wor­ked on an ele­gant li­ne whi­ch would im­me­dia­te­ly ex­press a strong cha­rac­ter com­bi­ned wi­th the pu­ri­ty of the Man­gu­sta DNA. From the ve­ry fir­st dra­wings, I ima­gi­ned and drew a pro­ject whi­ch brings to- ge­ther in­te­riors and ex­te­riors and has them com­mu­ni­ca­te wi­th ea­ch other, using a uni­que de­si­gn lan­gua­ge whi­ch be­st ex­pres­ses and in­deed em­pha­si­ses the ty­pi­cal­ly Me­di­ter­ra­nean and Man­gu­sta li­fe­sty­le”. Du­ring the la­te­st Mia­mi Bea­ch Yachts ven- ue Over­ma­ri­ne pre­sen­ted the se­cond mo­del of the li­ne, the Man­gu­sta Gran­sport 44 whi­ch de­ser­ves to rank as flag ship due to its uni­que fea­tu­res de­spi­te it is 10 feet shor­ter than the 54 me­tre.the new mo­del re­pre­sen­ts un­doub­ted evo­lu­tio­na­ry sty­ling and tech­no­lo­gy spor­ting a con­tem­po­ra­ry look and si­lhouet­te whi­ch by no means goes un­no­ti­ced.the in­te­rior de­cor and the ex­te­rior are ini­tial­led by Man­ci­ni, and a gu­tsy, fle­xi­ble and spor­ty po­wer hou­se com­ple­tes the pic­tu­re. In fact the 44 pos­ses­ses re­mar­ka­ble spa­ces on board in whi­ch to en­joy no­ta­ble com­fort whi­le crui­sing and so­me of the en­ter­tai­ning gi­z­mos. The main sa­loon is si­tua­ted along the up­per deck and con­nec­ts aft to­wards the stern via sli­ding gla­zed doors and to­wards the bow the­re’s a sun deck whi­ch hosts a loun­ge area wi­th lar­ge sun beds and a hy­dro-mas­sa­ge tub wi­th spa­ce enou­gh for se­ven. A won­der­ful bac­k­drop is pro­vi­ded by ca­sca­ding wa­ter from the tub on do­wn to the deck be­low and by th­ree lar­ge sky­lights lighting up the ow­ner’s ba­th­room. A bea­ch club area in the stern at the wa­ter’s ed­ge boasts a usea­ble sur­fa­ce area of 75 squa­re me­tres, thanks to th­ree plat­forms whi­ch link to one ano­ther the main one being an ex­ten­sion of the tran­som and two la­te­ral ter­ra­ces to port and star­board. This ya­cht pos­ses­ses a fa­st di­spla­ce­ment hull by Mr Au­so­nio na­val en­gi­neer who has al­so rea­li­sed one for the 54 me­tre wi­th bul­bous bow, flo­wing li­nes for grea­ter ef­fi­cien­cy and de­si­gned to su­stain performing speeds but al­so com­for­ta­ble when crui­sing in di­spla­cing mo­de, thanks al­so to elec­tri­cal­ly ope­ra­ted sta­bi­li­ser fins. The po­wer hou­se is ma­de up

of th­ree MTU 16V 2000 M96L IMO TIER II en­gi­nes.the two la­te­ral ones are lin­ked to tra­di­tio­nal in li­ne dri­ve shaf­ts whi­le the third one in­stal­led in the midd­le bet­ween the other two sports Roll Roy­ce Ka­mewa hy­dro-je­ts.this lat­ter one can al­so be used on its own when moo­ring in re­stric­ted wa­ters thanks to its re­no­w­ned ma­noeu­vra­bi­li­ty and can be lin­ked on­to a dy­na­mic po­si­tio­ning sy­stem. The top speed de­cla­red is 26 kno­ts wi­th a range of 3,000 nau­ti­cal mi­les at 11 kno­ts. Tank tests on the Man­gu­sta Gran­sport 44 will end in May, pre- con­struc­tion work will be­gin in Sep­tem­ber 2017 and de­li­ve­ry da­te has been sche­du­led for 2019. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Over­ma­ri­ne Group Ita­ly; Via del Por­to 2, 55049 Via­reg­gio, tel. +39 0584 389364; www.over­ma­ri­ - in­fo@over­ma­ri­

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