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In the cour­se of the la­te­st Mia­mi Ya­cht Show, Be­net­ti un­vei­led th­ree dif­fe­rent pro­ject de­si­gns for their la­te­st en­tries: Now FA­ST range. This new “fa­st di­spla­ce­ment” superyacht li­ne will flank the exi­sting Now steel and alu­mi­nium di­spla­cing cu­stom li­ne. The vo­lu­mes of this la­te­st range will be al­mo­st the sa­me as the di­spla­cing ones’ of the sa­me si­ze but will be con­si­de­ra­bly quic­ker over the wa­ter we’re tal­king about speeds whi­ch are 30% hi­gher. Wi­th mo­re than 140 years ex­pe­rien­ce in ship buil­ding under their belt, Be­net­ti’s new en­tries tra­ce the brand’s ty­pi­cal trai­ts but they’re mo­re ag­gres­si­ve and spor­ty loo­king.whi­le lea­ving plen­ty of op­por­tu­ni­ties to cu­sto­mi­se in­te­rior de­cor and ex­te­rior lay­ou­ts ac­cor­din­gly and wi­th open sun­decks or the clo­sed va­rie­ty. Op­tions in terms of en­gi­nes are rea­di­ly avai­la­ble as well. Cur­ren­tly the Now FA­ST range is ma­de up of th­ree mo­dels star­ting wi­th the 50 me­tre (BF 164’), fol­lo­wed by the 56 me­tre (BF 184’) and the 68 me­tre (BF224’) flag­ship. Ea­ch of the­se mo­dels will al­so be avai­la­ble in X ver­sion mea­ning wi­th a rai­sed pi­lot hou­se.the pro­ject de­si­gn work has been car­ried out by pre­sti­gious in­ter­na­tio­nal­ly re­no­w­ned ar­chi­tec­ts na­me­ly Ome­ga Ar­chi­tec­ts for lay­out de­si­gn, Mul­der De­si­gn for na­val Ar­chi­tec­tu­re whi­le Team 4 De­si­gn - En­ri­co Gob­bi was cho­sen to hand­le the in­te­riors. From a pu­re­ly technical view­point con­cer­ning the hull, Mul­der De­si­gn ma­na­ged to main­tain the kind of spa­ce and com­fort avai­la­ble on the brand’s di­spla­cing mo­dels but wi­th con­si­de­ra­bly less draught and 30% fa­ster wi­thout lo­sing out on crui­se com­fort and fuel con­sump­tion. As for the in­te­riors, hand­led by Team 4 De­si­gn – En­ri­co Gob­bi whi­ch de­li­ve­red th­ree di­ver­se con­tem­po­ra­ry, lu­xu­rious pro­ject de­si­gns whe­re ea­ch one of them stood out for its ve­ry own sty­le. The BF164’S de­cor is wel­co­ming warm and har­mo­niou­sly ba­lan­ced.this ef­fect has been em­po­we­red th­rou­gh the use of roun­ded li­nes, soft as well, to con­tra­st se­ve­ral geo­me­tri­cal ele­men­ts. The pre­vai­ling wood es­sen­ces are whi­te­ned oak and dar­ke­ned wal­nut. The fa­brics and skins sport soft bei­ge, bro­wn, and light grey hues.the BF184’S in­stead is mo­re ag­gres­si­ve. Po­li­shed ebo­ny con­trasts light oak bul­kheads and soft grey de­tails. The 224’s de­cor is ex­ten­si­ve­ly mo­re clas­sic and lu­xu­rious en­ri­ched wi­th nu­me­rous de­co­ra­tions and se­ve­ral fra­mes. In the gi­ven ca­se too we find 3D di­men­sio­ning of the usa­ble spa­ces ba­sed on chro­ma­tic con­tra­sting ef­fec­ts bet­ween the bei­ge of the oak fur­ni­tu­re and the whi­te­ned oak of the bul­kheads.tif­fa­ny blue spe­cial­ly ap­plied to so­me of the de­tails hi­ghlights the lu­xu­rious and ex­clu­si­ve cha­rac­ter of this de­cor.the Now FA­ST mo­dels in mu­ch the sa­me way as the si­ster ships of the Now pro­ject whi­ch will be built in the sa­me tech­no­lo­gi­cal­ly ad­van­ced shi­pyards in Le­ghorn, for whi­ch Be­net­ti is fo­re­seeing op­ti­mi­sed de­li­ve­ry ti­mes. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: Be­net­ti Yachts;via Mi­che­le Cop­pi­no 104, 55049 Via­reg­gio (LU), tel. +39 0584 3821, fax 0584 396232;­net­tiya­ch­ - in­fo@be­net­tiya­ch­

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