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Superyacht - - What’s On - By Da­nie­le Car­ne­va­li

In the cour­se of the la­te­st Mo­na­co Yacht Show, and prior to that du­ring Mer­ce­des-benz’s S-class Ca­brio­let of­fi­cial laun­ch, af­ter ha­ving wai­ted years wi­th sca­le mo­dels to look at, whi­ch ge­ne­ra­ted ‘great expectations’ among ma­ny of the brand’s fans and bro­kers, Sil­ver Ar­ro­ws Ma­ri­ne has show ca­sed the fir­st unit off the li­ne thear­row 460- Gran­tu­ri­smo. The pro­ject design work was exe­cu­ted wi­th Mer­ce­des-benz Sty­le led by Gor­den Wa­ge­ner,vp at Daim­ler Design, Mar­tin Fran­cis and Tom­ma­so Spa­do­li­ni. The Ar­ro­ws 460-Gran­tu­ri­smo is a 14 me­tre whi­ch re­calls the th­ree poin­ted Star brand’s spor­ty sty­le by de­ploy­ing a sty­li­stic lan­gua­ge ma­de up of sen­sual forms and li­nes whi­ch un­der­sco­re the yacht’s dy­na­mic cha­rac­ter whi­le al­so re­flec­ting Mer­ce­des’s mo­tor cars stee­ring qua­li­ties. In brief that spe­cial mix bet­ween great per­for­man­ce and li-

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