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MY 43 Al­ter Ego de­ri­ves from PGYD stu­dio’s work ow­ned by Pao­lo Gior­da­no and Fran­ce­sco Ca­stel­lo’s con­tri­bu­tion.this is a 43 me­tre whi­ch th­rou­gh tai­lor, custom ma­de in­te­riors and de­cor can ef­fec­ti­ve­ly re­pre­sent ow­ners’ wi­shes,the yacht is es­sen­tial­ly ma­de up inside of di­ver­se light plays and see th­ru areas whe­re abo­ve all light in its dif­fe­rent sha­des and forms ta­kes the lion’s share. Along the main deck whi­ch opens out to the ex­te­riors thanks to floor to cei­ling sli­ding cut glass pa­nels en­han­cing a sen­se of con­ti­nui­ty from inside out to the con­tou­ring wa­ters pe­rhaps, whi­le ac­cen­tua­ting the si­ze of the sa­loon. Eve­ry ele­ment has been ca­re­ful­ly stu­died to em­pha­si­ze con­ti­nui­ty from one area to ano­ther. The two ex­ter­nal Ja­cuz­zi tubs are bo­th si­tua­ted li­ke an in­fi­ni­ty pool is, so that the deck is flu­sh wi­th the top si­des of the tubs hen­ce eli­mi­na­ting any ob­sta­cle whi­ch would pre­vent you from ha­ving a clut­ter free view, whi­le the bea­ch club area in the stern be­co­mes a rea­li­stic ex­ten­sion of the main deck. In li­ne wi­th so­lu­tions adop­ted inside to con­vey con­ti­nui­ty wi­th the ex­te­riors, the sa­me has been achie­ved out on deck. Pa­le and light hues un­der­sco­re the pu­ri­ty of the de­cor’s geo­me­try whi­ch can be seen al­so in so­me of the uphol­ste­ry li­ning the fur­ni­tu­re, whe­re ele­gant fa­bric espou­ses re­fi­ned ma­te­rial li­ke onyx whi­ch is de­ployed in small areas and di­scree­tly of­fers a so­ber but de­tai­led de­cor.the lay­out com­pri­ses two lar­ge VIP ca­bins, two gue­st ca­bins along the lo­wer deck plus a lar­ge ow­ner sui­te along the main deck whe­re the di­ning area can com­for­ta­bly seat ten next to the lar­ge main sa­loon.the helm con­trols sta­tion is si­tua­ted on the up­per deck in whi­ch the­re’s a se­cond sa­loon/lounge from whi­ch to en­joy the view, this se­cond one is smal­ler and mo­re con­vi­vial than the other . The sun deck of­fers so­me pro­tec­tion from di­rect sun­light thanks to a t-top un­der whi­ch the­re’s a di­ning area, lounge, sun pads and mo­re. For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion: - in­ - www.fran­ce­sco­ca­stel­ - in­fo@fran­ce­sco­ca­stel­

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