Superyacht - - Work In Progress - By Da­nie­le Car­ne­va­li

work in pro­gress AU­DA­CE 80

Can­tie­re Na­va­le Mo­stes is pro­cee­ding well wi­th the construction of the di­spla­cing na­vet­ta mo­del Au­da­ce 80 de­si­gned to crui­se eve­ry ocean in any cli­ma­te. Au­da­ce 80 is a smart three dec­ker built in steel and alu­mi­nium wi­th enou­gh fuel ca­pa­ci­ty to crui­se ex­ten­si­ve­ly wi­thout ha­ving to re­fuel. The hull de­si­gn was tank te­sted to of­fer ma­xi­mum sta­bi­li­ty, ef­fi­cien­cy ( mea­ning op­ti­mi­zed fuel con­sump­tion) whi­le spor­ting con­si­de­ra­ble vo­lu­mes inside.the cho­sen po­wer hou­se is ma­de up of a pair of hea­vy du­ty MAN en­gi­nes de­ve­lo­ping 381 HP ea­ch whi­ch should pro­pel the mo­tor yacht to a top speed of ju­st 11 kno­ts, whi­le being ve­ry low on fuel con­sump­tion the yacht has been de­si­gned to of­fer great on board com­fort wi­th a ran­ge of 5,000 nm. Quick gy­ro sta­bi­li­ser plan­ts ha­ve been in­stal­led whi­ch fur­ther com­fort at sea by im­pro­ving the yacht’s trim via li­quid bal­la­st con­tai­ners whi­ch will shift weight ac­cor­din­gly as nee­ded. The in­te­rior lay­out com­pri­ses two gue­st ca­bins, two VIP along the lo­wer deck and a hu­ge sui­te for the ow­ner is si­tua­ted along the main deck clo­se to the lounge and con­vi­vial areas. The third deck is set up for out­door ac­ti­vi­ties and hosts a mo­dern helm con­trols sta­tion as well, so that the ow­ner/cap­tain can be in con­tact wi­th guests whi­le crui­sing.

“Pro­ject Au­da­ce stems from the de­si­re to sa­ti­sfy the needs of a de­man­ding ow­ner who was see­king so­me­thing ve­ry dif­fe­rent from ma­ny other ya­ch­ts and to do this his choi­ce fell on a yacht built to crui­se eve­ry ocean in any wea­ther in com­fort and sa­fe­ty”, says Ni­co­la Pra­ti­cò, ow­ner of the com­pa­ny. “The di­stin­gui­shing cha­rac­te­ri­stics and trai­ts of the Au­da­ce li­ne are tho­se found in ex­plo­rer ya­ch­ts wi­th pro­ven sea kee­ping qua­li­ties equip­ped wi­th en­gi­nes ca­pa­ble of de­li­ve­ring con­ti­nuous ser­vi­ce at max. Rpm. The steel shee­ts de- ployed to build this yacht are con­si­sten­tly thick ran­ging from 12 mm to 8 mm ac­cor­din­gly. The ribs along the bot­tom are ve­ry clo­se to one ano­ther for ad­ded stiff­ness, long ra­ge fuel tanks com­ple­te the pic­tu­re.... Wi­th this pro­ject the­re has been no com­pro­mi­sing in terms of sa­fe­ty and so­li­di­ty. De­vi­sed to ex­plo­re new ho­ri­zons, wi­th no li­mi­ts to sa­ti­sfy the de­si­res of an ow­ner who wan­ts to ef­fec­ti­ve­ly en­joy crui­sing the yacht all over the world at a lei­su­re­ly pa­ce”. Can­tie­re Na­va­le Mo­stes - Via Pra 11/B, 16157 Ge­noa; Ita­ly; tel. +39 010 665292; www.can­tie­ri­mo­

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