Superyacht - - Work In Progress - By Dan­ny Lo

work in pro­gress YA­CH­TS 80

Work in pro­gress on new 80 me­tre Co­lum­bus Ya­ch­ts is pro­cee­ding at the ra­te of kno­ts. The hull left Pa­lum­bo Group’s pre­mi­ses in Na­ples Ju­ly la­st for the Ancona yard whe­re hull and su­per­struc­tu­re we­re joi­ned. Pre­sen­ted la­st Ju­ne, 80 me­tre Co­lum­bus Ya­ch­ts marks this yard’s en­try in the world of me­ga ya­ch­ts. It is the fir­st of a se­ries whi­ch is set to de­ve­lop lar­ger ya­ch­ts. Giu­sep­pe Pa­lum­bo, CEO of Co­lum­bus Ya­ch­ts de­cla­red as fol­lo­ws “Mo­re than 50 years of va­lua­ble ex­pe­rien­ce in buil­ding and re­fit­ting lar­ge ships al­low us to step in­to the me­ga­ya­cht seg­ment well aware of whi­ch goals we can bet­ter thanks to know how and ca­pa­ci­ty we ha­ve ma­tu­red over ti­me and to the hi­gh le­vel of the or­ga­ni­sa­tio­nal side and sa­les for­ce we are proud of ”. The construction pro­ce­du­res for this 80 metres we­re un­pa­ral­le­led and this means we’ll be de­li­ve­ring the yacht ahead of sche­du­le to the ow­ner in 2019. The ac­tual construction has been car­ried out in ti­me sa­ving pa­ral­lel mea­su­res/steps ra­ther than by se­rial me­tho­do­lo­gy. The di­spla­cing steel hull was built in the Na­ples yard wi­th re­le­vant pi­ping and plan­ts, gen.se­ts, en­gi­nes, pumps sta­bi­li­ser fins, bow th­ru­sters and crew quar­ters whi­le the alu­mi­nium su­per­struc­tu­re for exam­ple was built ac­cor­din­gly at the Ancona yard’s new pre­mi­ses. Fran­ce­sco Car­bo­ne, ge­ne­ral ma­na­ger at Co­lum­bus ya­ch­ts brie­fly com­men­ted “To build the Co­lum­bus 80 we im­ple-

men­ted com­plex or­ga­ni­sa­tio­nal pro­ce­du­res on dif­fe­rent le­vels thanks to 50 years of ex­pe­rien­ce in buil­ding and re­fit­ting ships and ya­ch­ts in­clu­ding com­mer­cial ves­sels th­rou­gh the lar­ge­st net­work of ex­pe­rien­ced Me­di­ter­ra­nean shipyards”. “Im­ple­men­ting the pro­cess was in itself a great challenge from se­ve­ral poin­ts of view, na­me­ly: struc­tu­ral, plant in­stal­la­tion, as well as lo­gi­stics” ad­ded Gian­pao­lo La­pen­na, Pro­ject and Pro­duct Di­rec­tor for Co­lum­bus Ya­ch­ts. “When the hull and su­per­struc­tu­re we­re joi­ned to­ge­ther at the Ancona pre­mi­ses in the new han­gar whi­ch can ho­st two 100 me­tre uni­ts si­mul­ta­neou­sly we clear­ly de­mon­stra­ted our ca­pa­ci­ty in uni­ta­sking in per­fect syn­chro­ni­sa­tion”. On­ce com­ple­ted, the yacht will sport its “Ocean li­ner” looks and ap­peal from the 50’s and 60’s from when­ce the bo­w­li­nes’ po­wer­ful mo­men­tum, the white of the top­si­des in­ter­rup­ted by lar­ge win­dow li­ke ports and the tran­sver­sal ta­pe­ring off of the decks abo­ve. As for the in­te­riors, so­brie­ty was the key word but al­so con­tem­po­ra­ry whe­re neu­tral hues ba­re­ly con­tra­st, fi­ne fa­brics mat­ched to crea­te a mo­dern so­phi­sti­ca­ted at­mo­sphe­re. The yacht sports six decks and the in­te­rior lay­ou­ts on ea­ch are ra­tio­nal­ly or­ga­ni­sed to of­fer the ow­ner and vi­si­ting guests ma­xi­mum com­fort and com­fort whi­le crui­sing. The up­per deck is en­ti­re­ly de­di­ca­ted to the ow­ner, whe­re a lar­ge sui­te wi­th a 180° pa­no­ra­mic view of the sur­roun­ding sea is ad­ja­cent to a pri­va­te stu­dy and ano­ther area for guests. The ter­ra­ces on this deck ex­tend to­wards the bow and stern of­fe­ring an unin­ter­rup­ted view of the sea. The main deck hosts six gue­st sui­tes whi­le a se­ven­th is si­tua­ted on the lo­wer deck. A 7 me­tre swim­ming pool whi­ch is equip­ped wi­th an ad­ju­sta­ble cur­rent flow to swim again­st is si­tua­ted along the sun­deck whe­re a wa­ter­fall vir­tual­ly and see­min­gly se­pa­ra­tes it from a hy­dro-mas­sa­ge tub whi­ch com­ple­tes this sce­nic pic­tu­re as it lod­ges inside of the ma­st


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