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Mas­si­mo Pe­rot­ti cur­rent CEO of the Group has am­ply de­mon­stra­ted un­fai­ling ener­gy and de­ter­mi­na­tion over the pa­st 10 years whi­ch we­re un­doub­ted­ly dif­fi­cult ones and be­ca­me one of the mar­ket’s top players in terms of vo­lu­me not on­ly in Ita­ly but in the world. Ho­we­ver as am­bi­tious as it seems, Sanlorenzo’s Su­pe­rya­cht Di­vi­sion has eve­ry in­ten­tion and ener­gy enou­gh to ma­ke it all hap­pen. In fact in ju­st about one year af­ter mo­ving to the new La Spe­zia shi­pyard, (for­mer San Mar­co) whi­ch pos­ses­ses the struc­tu­re and ma­chi­ne­ry to build gi­ga­ya­ch­ts ex­cee­ding a hun­dred metres. In this fra­mework the Su­pe­rya­cht Di­vi­sion has not on­ly laun­ched the third unit from the 460 Exp li­ne at the end of April - the ori­gi­nal ex­plo­rer mo­del whi­ch de­mon­stra­ted its sea­going ca­pa­ci­ty in cros­sing the Atlan­tic, but al­so laun­ched the fir­st unit of the 52 Steel in Ja­nua­ry la­st – Se­ven Sins – whi­ch is a na­tu­ral fol­low up to the 46Steel of whi­ch the­re are about a do­zen crui­sing to­day. Wi­th ano­ther three 52Steel ya­ch­ts in construction in the va­st la Spe­zia yard wi­th ano­ther 40 Al­loy the fir­st me­tal pri­ze win­ning yacht of the Di­vi­sion and the 64 me­tre flag­ship of the li­ne, Sanlorenzo has un­der­sco­red and con­so­li­da­ted its re­mar­ka­ble suc­cess in the su­pe­rya­cht mar­ket. Fol­lo­wing its in­cep­tion back in 2007 Sanlorenzo’s Su­pe­rya­cht Di­vi­sion has de­li­ve­red mo­re than 20 over 40 me­tre me­tal built ya­ch­ts to ow­ners all over the world. 52Steel na­med Se­ven Sins by its Bel­gian ow­ner is ma­de up of 5 decks ea­ch one of them spor­ting ele­gant ti­me­less li­nes for­ming a lo­ve­ly lu­xu­rious har­mo­nic si­lhouet­te. Di­scer­ning eyes can im­me­dia­te­ly spot the re­fi­ned craf­tsman­ship that Of­fi­ci­na Ita­lia­na De­si­gn re­pre­sen­ted by Mau­ro Mi­che­li and Ser­gio Be­ret­ta de­di­ca­ted to the en­ti­re pro­ject. This yacht sports the yard’s fa­mi­ly feel whi­ch has al­rea­dy been rea­li­zed on smal­ler ya­ch­ts of the SL78 and SL86 pla­ning fi­bre­glass ran­ge. The 52 Steel pos­ses­ses ma­ny sty­li­stic ele­men­ts ty­pi­cal of Sanlorenzo from lar­ge elon­ga­ted

ho­ri­zon­tal­ly in­stal­led win­dow li­ke ports whi­ch en­han­ce the yacht’s gra­ce­ful li­nes and struc­tu­re to lo­wer bul­warks whi­ch con­fer a sen­se of con­ti­nui­ty from inside out pro­mo­ting con­tact wi­th the im­me­dia­te sur­roun­dings whi­le up­gra­ding vi­si­bi­li­ty. The up­per deck fea­tu­res ver­ti­cal win­dow li­ke ports as mo­st su­pe­rya­ch­ts do, whi­le aft and be­low a con­si­de­ra­ble sur­fa­ce area ma­kes up the bea­ch club com­pri­sing bo­th si­des as well as the tran­som, all at the wa­ter’s ed­ge. This won­der­ful re­sult is again proof enou­gh of how mu­ch Sanlorenzo has wan­ted to pre­ser­ve the im­pec­ca­ble re­pu­ta­tion in terms of sty­le qua­li­ty, technical in­no­va­tion and ele­gan­ce the brand is kno­wn for, all over the world and all of this stands out as you climb on board of Se­ven Sins. From the stern’s boar­ding lad­der you can im­me­dia­te­ly spot the yacht’s ten­der inside the han­gar/ga­ra­ge, whi­le the two la­te­ral ter­ra­ces are rea­dy to open out be­fo­re your eyes to en­han­ce a won­der­ful ex­pe­rien­ce whi­le en­joy­ing a mo­re than com­for­ta­ble crui­se, du­ring whi­ch eve­ry gue­st can on­ly but choo­se from a va­rie­ty of di­ver­se ex­ter­nal areas, whe­re to sit or lie, or re­lax for exam­ple whi­le so­cia­li­zing wi­th others pe­rhaps up on the awe­so­me sun­deck whi­ch is equip­ped wi­th bar, lounge and di­ning area or pe­rhaps pre­fer to en­joy the sun pads and sun beds li­ned up aft of the bar as far as the stern ter­ra­ces. The stern of 52Steel opens out li­ke the pe­tals of a flo­wer do as the an­chor hi­ts the bot­tom to of­fer vi­si­ting guests an ex­traor­di­na­ry sight. If other peo­ple on near­by ya­ch­ts feel en­vious well it’s no sur­pri­se they ha­ve plen­ty to feel en­vious about! On­ce the tran­som is up the ga­ra­ge/han­gar floor is floo­ded wi­th sea­wa­ter so the ship’s ten­der or ser­vi­ce boat is sim­ply floa­ted out as the la­te­ral si­des open to form a bea­ch club at the

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