FER­RET­TI GROUP’S Ro­ber­to Fran­zo­ni in­ter­views Ste­fa­no De Vi­vo, Fer­ret­ti Group’s Sa­les Di­rec­tor


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Ste­fa­no De Vi­vo CRN’S mem­ber of the Board re­pre­sen­ting the group’s me­ga­ya­cht shi­pyard is al­so the brand’s sa­les Di­rec­tor. In the cour­se of Ver­si­lia Ya­ch­ting’s fir­st ren­dez­vous, Su­pe­rya­cht asked De Vi­vo a few que­stions con­cer­ning Fer­ret­ti group’s strategies and ob­jec­ti­ves wi­th re­gard to the lar­ge yacht seg­ment in a brief interview. “On a glo­bal sca­le we ha­ve a fol­low up team co­ve­ring CRN and Custom Li­ne brands – our am­bas­sa­dors if you li­ke.we al­so ha­ve an area ma­na­ger hand­ling Midd­le Ea­st sa­les, and an of­fi­ce in Hong Kong. That’s whe­re I or Al­ber­to Ga­las­si step in on the in­ter­na­tio­nal side of things. Pie­ro Fer­ra­ri as well, he has a de­di­ca­ted pas­sion for the brand and me­ga­ya­cht pro­duc­ts. Ima­gi­ne up un­til re­cen­tly he was al­so on CRN’S Board of Di­rec­tors, whi­le he is cur­ren­tly hand­ling grea­ter re­spon­si­bi­li­ties wi­thin the Group’s coun­sel­lors. He of­ten co­mes to Ancona to check out work in pro­gress on CRN and Custom Li­ne ya­ch­ts, he’s not on­ly an en­thu­sia­st but is al­so clear­ly ve­ry com­pe­tent and of­ten co­mes up wi­th sound ad­vi­ce on how to up­gra­de and im­pro­ve on di­ver­se so­lu­tions”. Does the Ancona shi­pyard build CRN ya­ch­ts alo­ne? No it doe­sn’t. Over the pa­st year and a half we’ve ex­ploi­ted mu­ch of CRN’S know how and up­gra­des in terms of qua­li­ty of all of the group’s builds whi­le ai­ming at mo­re im­por­tant ones thanks al­so to the yard’s com­pe­ten­ce and pre­mi­ses. Ju­st as for CRN we al­so ha­ve de­di­ca­ted struc­tu­res and are loo­king at sel­ling about 3,000 GRT per year, be­cau­se we want to con­ti­nue buil­ding tai­lor ma­de éli­te pro­duc­ts in rea­so­na­ble num­bers, whi­ch means two a year, may­be two and a half when sold and built in se­quen­ce one af­ter the other. This ap­proa­ch is fea­si­ble on­ly if we can build si­mul­ta­neou­sly smal­ler mo­re se­rial uni­ts, li­ke a Per­shing 140. Whi­ch is built in alu­mi­nium? Yes, in fact CRN has al­rea­dy built the Ri­va My­thos 125’ in the

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