Sou­thern Wind

Fea­tu­ring tho­rou­gh­bred li­nes, ra­cer hull, crui­ser in­te­riors. He­re’s Sou­thern Wind’s, Farr’s and Nau­ta’s la­te­st ma­gic.

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Wind’s 96 Sorceress is cur­ren­tly crui­sing the Me­di­ter­ra­nean, a real treat for the brand’s fans at the Ma­xi Yacht Ro­lex Cup event held in Por­to Cer­vo (Sar­di­nia). This is the fir­st hull of a new mi­ni- se­ries built and fur­ni­shed ac­cor­ding to the ta­stes of a ve­ry de­man­ding ow­ner. The for­tu­na­te ow­ner, a re­tur­ning cu­sto­mer of a car­bon built 80’ wan­ted so­me­thing mo­re per­for­ming to be de­ployed in in­sho­re and off­sho­re com­pe­ti­tions in­clu­ding ocean ra­cing even­ts, whi­ch of­fers the com­fort of a blue wa­ter crui­ser. A per­fect exam­ple of in­com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty whi­ch es­sen­tial­ly means a light­weight hull (ra­cer) wi­th su­per com­for­ta­ble lu­xu­ry in­te­riors (crui­ser). So­me­how Sou­ther­n­wind, Farr Yacht De­si­gn and Nau­ta pul­led it off 100% and crea­ted a ma­ster­pie­ce : Sorceress wi­th a di­spla­ce­ment of on­ly 56.7 tons sports an ove­rall leng­th of about 30 metres. “Our ob­jec­ti­ve - says Jim Sch­mic­ker VP of Farr Yacht De­si­gn and in char­ge of the na­val ar­chi­tec­tu­re on Sorceress – was to join up hi­ghly per­for­ming hulls fea­tu­ring bea­my forms, wi­th twin rud­der bla­des con­trol­ling a re­mar­ka­ble sail plan, to­ge­ther wi­th tho­se well kno­wn fea­tu­res found in al­mo­st eve­ry Sou­thern Wind pro­ject of ours....

Text by Ro­ber­to Neglia – Pho­tos by Car­lo Ba­ron­ci­ni/mag­da­le­na Kac­zò­w­ka

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