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Vertige’s in­te­riors ha­ve been car­ried out by Fran­ce­sco Pasz­ko­w­ski De­si­gn wi­th Mar­ghe­ri­ta Ca­spri­ni. We took a clo­ser look at so­me of the de­tails – se­cre­ts – of the lay­out and in­te­rior de­cor. How would you de­fi­ne the in­te­rior de­si­gn? Whi­ch ele­men­ts take the lion’s share? Mar­ghe­ri­ta Ca­spri­ni: We’re loo­king at ele­gant in­te­riors, de­tai­led by at­ten­ti­ve stu­dy in terms of ar­chi­tec­tu­re and re­sear­ch work for the mo­st ap­pro­pria­te ma­te­rials, mat­ching fa­brics and co­lour sche­mes, li­ke blen­ding plain whi­te­ned teak wood em­bel­li­shing bul­kheads and floors wi­th glos­sy ro­sewood whi­ch de­li­vers a de­fi­ni­te con­tra­st. Be­hind eve­ry single choi­ce the­re’s a lot of re­sear­ch: we’ve scou­ted around for di­ver­se car­pe­ts, head­board li­nings, for ea­ch in­di­vi­dual ca­bin. The cei­ling pa­nels for in­stan­ce are all in 3D wood whi­ch looks li­ke real teak but it’s in­ter­rup­ted in se­ve­ral slo­ts by dif­fe­rent ma­te­rials whi­ch en­han­ce a sen­se of ‘mo­ve­ment’ whi­le hi­ghlighting so­me of the fur­ni­tu­re for exam­ple a bed or stu­dy cor­ner. Noir silk has been wi­de­ly used in bo­th the ow­ner’s and VIP ca­bins whi­ch con­veys a spe­cial ef­fect, whi­le in the main and up­per loun­ges we’re loo­king at con­tra­sting me­tal­lic in­serts on wood. The fi­nal ef­fect of whi­ch is a bron­ze co­lou­red 3D sur­fa­ce area. An ar­chi­tec­tu­ral feat is to be found in the stair­ca­se whi­ch con­nec­ts the decks wi­th win­ged sha­ped steps con­vey­ing a won­der­ful sen­se of light­ness to the who­le en­sem­ble. Did the ow­ner pro­vi­de you wi­th spe­cial in­put or con­tri­bu­tion or did he de­le­ga­te eve­ry­thing to you? Fran­ce­sco Pasz­ko­w­ski: Af­ter a num­ber of mee­tings wi­th the ow­ner him­self the pro­ject kic­ked off ac­cor­ding to our sug­ge­stions and the ow­ner put in a few per­so­nal re­quests. He’s al­ways been ve­ry pre­sent ina­smu­ch as he was keen on seeing work as it pro­gres­sed. It’s thanks to the ge­ne­ral harmony we crea­ted bet­ween us all whi­ch fa­ci­li­ta­ted re­sear­ch

con­cer­ning ar­chi­tec­tu­ral de­tails, fin­ding ap­pro­pria­te ma­te­rials and of­fe­ring new sug­ge­stions. The main deck fo­re­sees a VIP and a ma­ster sui­te. What’s the rea­so­ning be­hind this choi­ce? Was the­re a spe­cial re­que­st for the in­te­rior lay­out? Fran­ce­sco Pasz­ko­w­ski: The ow­ner ju­st wan­ted two ca­bins on the main deck whi­ch we­re si­mi­lar to one ano­ther but not per­fec­tly iden­ti­cal. Iden­ti­cal in terms of com­fort, ma­te­rials used and bright­ness. This is a re­que­st we ad­dres­sed to by of­fe­ring di­ver­se co­lours in the sa­me ma­te­rial. Fur­ther­mo­re the yacht’s been de­si­gned to ca­ter for char­ter par­ties and we know the­re’s a gro­wing re­que­st for two ca­bins along the main deck ra­ther than one. Mar­ghe­ri­ta Ca­spri­ni: The two ca­bins sport the sa­me ma­te­rials, but in dif­fe­rent co­lours, as for exam­ple head­boards: in one ca­bin it is all white, whi­le it is grey in the other. As far as the re­st of the lay­out is con­cer­ned, the re­mai­ning four gue­st ca­bins con­si­st in three dou­bles and one twin whi­ch can be a dou­ble ju­st as the ow­ner re­que­sted. Whi­ch ma­te­rials we­re used? Mar­ghe­ri­ta Ca­spri­ni: Je­ru­sa­lem Sto­ne mar­ble for the ow­ner’s ba­th­room floor, for the main deck end of the lounge bul­khead whi­ch has been en­ri­ched wi­th brass strips in­stal­led at dif­fe­rent le­vels con­vey­ing dif­fe­rent hues; white onyx for tops, dra­wer fron­ts, flat top for to­wels and stri­ped onyx for the sho­wer area. Bron­ze loo­king brass is a re­cur­ring fi­ni­sh at the si­des of cof­fee ta­bles or the an­ti roll bars along book­shel­ves. How ha­ve the technical areas and crew quar­ters been set up? Fran­ce­sco Pasz­ko­w­ski: The sa­me tea­k­wood has been de­ployed to join the area bet­ween the gal­ley, crew mess and common areas ma­king them bright and wel­co­ming whi­le ve­ry of­ten dif­fe­rent ma­te­rials are used.

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