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1967 – Gio­van­ni Besenzoni starts up a small con­cern pro­du­cing hand craf­ted com­po­nen­ts for the ya­ch­ting world. 1973 – marks the mar­ke­ting of the new en­try: the stern ba­thing plat­form cou­pled to Besenzoni steps – a real tech­no­lo­gi­cal break­th­rou­gh at the ti­me. 1985 – The fir­st hy­drau­lic boar­ding lad­der. 1993 – la­te­ral­ly ope­ning han­gar ga­tes “Pro­dot­to In­no­va­ti­vo 1992-1993” of­fi­cial­ly re­co­gni­sed by the Leo­nar­do Da Vin­ci Na­tio­nal Mu­seum of Scien­ce and Tech­no­lo­gy in Mi­lan. 2002 – The su­per com­pact da­vit Ma­gic wins the DA­ME AWARD –ME­TS AM­STER­DAM. 2005 – Three new di­vi­sions are crea­ted: Besenzoni Su­per Yacht Di­vi­sion, Besenzoni Ti­ta­nium Di­vi­sion, Besenzoni cu­sto­mer Ser­vi­ce Di­vi­sion. 2008 – Gio­van­ni Besenzoni re­cei­ves UCINA “Pio­nie­re del­la Nautica” award. 2009 – Bri­ti­sh Sunseeker elec­ts Besenzoni as Year’s be­st sup­plier in terms of tech­no­lo­gic in­no­va­tion, de­li­ve­ries, qua­li­ty and af­ter sa­les ser­vi­ces ren­de­red. 2010 – Marks the start of Besenzoni’s con­tri­bu­tion to UNIBG fa­cul­ty of en­gi­nee­ring and stu­dy of new pro­jec­ts. 2015 – Pro­ject work on the hy­drau­lic en­gi­nee­ring of Stern Bea­ch Club areas. 2016 – In­to e-com­mer­ce wi­th new in­ter­net si­te. 2016 – MISS Boar­ding lad­der is awar­ded a pri­ze in the cour­se of the In­ter­na­tio­nal Boat Show in Ge­noa. 2017 – Per il 50° Re­newal of com­pa­ny ima­ge: lo­go, ca­ta­lo­gue etc. and ad­he­sion to WHP (Wor­k­pla­ce Heal­th Pro­mo­tion) pro­gram­me.

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