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S533 re­pre­sen­ts ano­ther step for­ward, a look in­to the fu­tu­re, a de­fi­ni­te evo­lu­tion from the cour­se ta­ken up un­til now. We’re proud to work on Tan­koa’s new pro­ject whi­ch har­mo­ni­zes speed to com­pact­ness, and blends to­ge­ther well de­ter­mi­ned li­nes and sha­pe to dy­na­mi­sm and light­ness. The abun­dant use of gla­zed cut glass pa­nels was de­vi­sed al­so to let the sea view in and to­ge­ther wi­th the frill free sty­ling of the in­te­rior spa­ces it all en­han­ces and ma­gni­fies a sense of ai­ry light­ness”. For fu­ther in­for­ma­tion:tan­koa Yachts;via Ci­bra­rio snc, 16154 Ge­no­va Se­stri Po­nen­te; Ita­ly; tel. +39 010 8991100, fax +39 010 8991118; www.tan­koa.it - in­fo@tan­koa.com

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